What’s New

Recent Changes to Transend Product Versions

Transend Migrator 12.9 (released January 10, 2020)

  • Added check for new version to standard TM
  • Include passwords in logs, but encrypted (unless /HPW is used)
  • Ignore blank lines in skipsubs file
  • Support for writing to Outlook 64 bit
  • /HPW will honor password parameter in /PROXY
  • When changing extra html segments into binary attachments, append ".html" to part name
  • Added $date and $time variables to suppliment $vars
  • Added event location to translation table function
  • Remove zero length attachments
  • Fix bug causing crash with dlist entry containing multiple addresses
  • Look at additional properties to dig out display name of attachments
  • Auto map Sent -> Sent Items
  • Restored previous code to convert RTF -> HTML. Newer code activated with /D286
  • Switch /D294 create master list of recipients that match a domain list
  • Support Follow-up flag when reading email
  • Don't skip attachments for embedded messages that have content-id
  • Fix handling of corrupted sender name
  • When creating messages with embedded messages, created them as .eml attachments
  • Added switch /D284 to never import .pdf files as "inline"
  • Put "Principal" field into sender name if "flat", otherwise email
  • Remove quotes around email address in parsed .ics files
  • Added switch /D296 that will ignore exported recurring calendar and task events
  • If group member has blank email, use original CN= version, so can be looked up in TT
  • Added switch /D305 to skip entries with $Conflict
Amazon WorkMail:
  • Fixed contact import issue causing first/last name reversal
  • Handle WorkMail folder names containing &, etc.
  • Allow "Weekday" calendar recurrence
  • Switch /D298: when importing calendar meetings, use .ics import method
  • Fixed issue with custom timezone parsing not getting correct GMT offset
  • Fixed problem parsing dates in European timezones greater than +1
  • Parse alternate form of email address in attendee
  • Allow DURATION value to create event end_time
  • Parse out UID from calendar entries so it can be used as dedup criteria
  • Support "REQUEST" type of calendar breakout
  • Added retry logic for message list and message retrieval
  • Adjustment to calendar start date for date-only events
  • Add retry logic to calendar export if "too many requests"
  • Support reminder time in exported tasks
  • Added switch /MHS to process pseudo-MHS type files instead of EML
  • Fix problem picking up folder hierarchy
  • Added switch /D282 to allow non-standard folder classes to migrate
  • Problem of crash with calendar event having too many exceptions
  • Added ability to send NOOP to output system after timeout on large duplicate lists
  • Change inbound timezone string from "Coordinated Universal Time" to GMT
  • Change default bundle size from 23 meg to 150 meg, allow to be configurable via /D304
  • Automatically skip over non-email folders found in Deleted Items
  • Added option /D308 to include instruction text for organizers and attendees of meetings
  • Fixed parse problem with Communigate calendar if large # of attendees
  • Support Communigate contact groups
  • Fix crash when using /imapsearch and need to reconnect server
  • Handle NOOP command from EWS to keep connection alive
  • If /MSGDATE is used but no /IMAPSERACH, automatically create IMAPSEARCH
  • Added /MAXIMAPSESS to automatically reconnect after <n> seconds
  • Added /MASTERUSER switch for Dovecot
  • Added switch /D303 <recovery file> to allow re-start of IMAP
  • Added switch /D283 to create Google calendar folder if not present
  • For recurring weekly or daily events, if start date is way in the past, move it up to current date - 1 year, to avoid max instance bug
  • Remove error checking after folder create, to accommodate change in Google API that prevents us from differentiating between invalid folder name and duplicate folder
  • Fix parsing recurring event with embedded exdates in rrule
  • Get rid of embedded tabs and convert backslash in task notes to avoid failure
  • Fix problem causing authentication failure with very long email addresses
  • Added /D284 to export calendar resource
  • Switch /D292 for Google, disables calendar attachments
  • Assume source calendar named "Calendar" should be mapped to default Google calendar
  • /D297 switch to ask for email only scopes
  • Added switch /D302 <kb> for Google target; attachments greater than specified will be uploaded to Google Drive
  • Support for server side date range filter
  • Fix problem where message in base64 format not decoded
  • If calendar entry has sub-message, and only top level text part, assume sub-message contains actual calendar data
  • When extracting Birthday in Contacts, allow period delimiter
  • Added /GWAPPKEY to specify alternate location for trusted mode file
  • Adjustment to all-day event date +1 day for Europe
  • More accurate conversion of calendar/task HTML to text
  • Support /SKIPSUBS in email
  • Support for Proxy login (user1 for user2.po.domain)
  • Convert rtf text to html
  • Add support for /MSGDATE when retrieving email
  • Allow capture of attachments in calendar and task entries
  • Support for multiple Kerio calendar, contact and task folders
  • Fix so that we don't skip parse of noname.dat for attachments
  • Make "Browse" button visible to select target .pst file

Transend Migrator 12.8 (released January 23, 2018)

  • When deduping calendar, do not use UniqueID if not handling recurring entries.
  • Fix generation of Migration Report to allow special characters.
  • Tweak "email log files" function to pick up alternate log file directory.
  • Modified /FILTER so that '!' in front of value excludes it, not includes it.
  • Allow $date and $time to be in /LN value.
  • Allow batch config tab to work when LK allows only partial data conversion.
  • Test for closed IMAP connection at the start of each folder.
Amazon WorkMail:
  • List all EWS server names as dropdown choices.
  • Allow Zimbra to Zimbra
  • Keep parsing file even if END:VCALENDAR found.
  • Fixed problem with calendar migration to EWS - no entries converted.
  • Handle exception data when converting calendar via IMAP.
Lotus Notes:
  • When creating events, for yearly, all day types, start year at current year.
  • Fix missing event name for breakouts.
  • Fix problem with special characters in RTF conversion to HTML.
  • Extend /D152 so that start date is allowed to be empty, as with due date.
  • Experimental - redo AttachFile and NoteUpdate if error 2562 (host busy).
  • Fix problem with null description field in calendar entry causing failed cal create
  • Make /D270 default, use /D281 to switch back to old API
  • Fix to allow proper character conversion when doing Notes -> Notes
Exchange Web Services:
  • Fix crash in contact export caused by corrupt data.
  • Increase size of memory allocated for synch files (/D257).
  • Fix bug related to expanding recurring entries.
  • Fix character translation issue for cal/contact/tasks.
  • Add better support for creating calendar organizer, attendee status, reminder period.
  • Check for loss of authentication during label retrieval.
  • Add ability to handle calendar breakouts when creating events.
  • Set "Sent Items" messages with correct mailbox type so they appear in Sent Items folder.
  • Attempt to fix crash on message import by releasing memory.
  • Fix to MIME parsing to avoid crash and pick up html correctly.
  • Added "Groupwise via IMAP" to calendar options, changed this and GW email IMAP to work the same as Communigate (i.e. get calendar data from IMAP).
  • Do not attempt IMAP connection.

Transend Migrator 12.7 (released June 22, 2017)

  • Fix attachment count in XML report.
  • Use binary search on translation table lookup, much faster
  • Remove limitation on number of maximum migrations.
  • Fix problem where long database names could corrupt xml report.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Fix some problems with parsing calendar exception data.
  • Added /NOEWSPROXY2 to distinguish source and target.
  • Allow messages to be written to target "Journal" folder.
  • Allow /GN switch to specify a top level and sub folder.
  • Lookup Organizer in TT before general translation, to handle case of changed organizer name (due to marriage).
  • Set default names for cal/contact/task if not found in folders.
  • If winmail.dat found inbound, change to winmail.bin to avoid character set screw ups.
  • Remove PR_FLAG_ICON from inbound message properties
  • Fix character encoding problem with calendar organizer, on import.
  • Fix to allow "first weekday" recurrence pattern.
  • Added support for Birthday and Anniversary in contacts.
  • Switch to different TLS connection method.
  • Handle Dwarf 2.0.0 server where fetch of first message causes all messages to be delivered in one operation.
  • Added switch /D279 to ignore /Flagged.
  • Allow conversion of Communigate Cal/Task/Contacts via IMAP.
Lotus Notes:
  • Prevent crash when doing character convert of very large strings.
  • Don't log invalid .ics input as error, just warning.
  • Allow non-English characters in .nsf file names.
  • Allow greater range of TZ strings in exported .ics files
  • Handle certain types of links when converting rtf to html.
  • Modify creation of attachments in MIME emails, so attachments are visible in certain non-Notes clients.
  • Modifications to support bullets and numbered lists in RTF -> HTML.
  • When reading calendar, if view $Meetings has nothing, use $MeetingsAllByDate2.
  • When creating recurring daily events, make start date = current date, due to max 300 instances in Notes.
  • Avoid trying to extract zero length image attachments.
  • Avoid extracting OLE object from appointment objects found in mail.
  • Handle "Iron Mountain" template, All Documents but no $All.
  • When writing, if end datetime is < start datetime, make end same as start.
  • Allow greater range of TZ strings in exported .ics files
  • Fix missing begin:vcalendar in created .ics files.
  • Fix character translation issues.
Outlook (MAPI):
  • Additional code to dig out attachment names if not present in top level properties.
  • Added additional SenderEmail field in email.
  • Fix calendar export to pick up large comment sections.
  • Support read/unread flag when reading from Gmail.
  • Fix for crash during logon calendar count phase.
  • Send keep alive message during folder retrieval.
  • Added switch /D280 for incremental migration.
Amazon WorkMail:
  • Added retry logic to email GetItem loop.
Outlook MSG:
  • When converting .msg to Outlook, skip over parsing code, since we are dumping .msg file into MAPI.
MBOX (all RFC-822 parsers)
  • Fix crash caused by runaway message/rfc822 parts.

Transend Migrator 12.6 (released January 9, 2017)

  • For EWS, Google, IMAP - use login name as licensed user, rather than calculated from source email database.
  • Start tracking which build is used on LK server.
  • Modifications to make duplicate checking two phase (don't add to dup file if error occurs).
  • Increase max number of calendar exceptions from 256 to 512.
  • Log all user email ids that were considered potentials for the license server.
  • In iCal parsing, read VTIMEZONE offset if necessary (time zone not found in database).
  • Allow EWS target to honor /D169 (do not skip RFC text segment).
  • Add "G Suite" to all Google Apps descriptions.
  • Increase size of translation table to 250k (via /TT switch) GUI limited to 50k.
  • /D275 - if email dlist has no entry in TT, do not include in email target list.
  • Do not create default log directory if /LD is used.
  • Make /D87 (skip winmail.dat) apply to all subsystems.
Exchange Web Services:
  • When exporting email via incremental migration, perform max date check correctly.
  • Remove code that changes underscores to spaces in /GN switch.
  • Fix problem when bundling messages, might get caught in infinite loop.
  • Allow upload of calendar HTML comments.
  • Fix logic of bundle size causing missing messages if one fails.
  • If target folder begins with "root:" override any /GN value, force to top level.
  • Deal with local TZ called "Romance (standaardtijd)" to make it Romanace Standard Time.
  • Updates to incremental migration (/d257).
  • Fix problem with importing all day events from Outlook.
  • /D211 now will append attendee status to the display name.
  • Fix for /D257 (synch) so that deleted or readflag mods do not result in error.
Amazon WorkMail:
  • Fix logic of bundle size causing missing messages if one fails.
  • Changes to contact import to support Amazon revised schema.
Outlook MSG:
  • Modifications to support creating directories and file names in Unicode.
  • Parsing error on large distribution list in a single line.
Lotus Notes:
  • For Raytheon, extended /D76 switch to ignore entries with property "lt_pgp" = PM.
  • When exporting calendar via .ics (/d270) handle RDATE property.
  • Do character conversion when exporting calendar data via iCal (/D270).
  • If target folder begins with "root:" override any /GN value, force to top level.
  • Fixed crash problem caused by creating calendar attendees with /D270.
  • Use default time zone (from system) if no TZ set when writing .ics file.
  • If X-LOTUS-ENCODING:UTF8 found in calendar .ics, do not do LMBCS conversion.
  • When exporting calendar without /D270 (non .ics) fix problem with certain recurring events, also handle case where TimeZone string is not found in event.
  • When creating Spam, Junk, or Trash in Gmail, use special encoding to make messages go to correct folder.
Exchange/PST (MAPI):
  • Added retry loop when MAPI_NETWORK_ERROR received on message export.
  • Get subject, sender of embedded messages in UTF-8 format.
  • Allow TM to pick up default profile names with Outlook 2016.
  • Fix intermittent bug causing folder creation to fail.
  • Replace RTF -> HTML converter with better code. Also if message has "message.rtf" attachment, convert to HTML.
  • Look for RTF in calendar comments, convert to HTML.
  • Replace RTF -> HTML converter with better code. Also if message has "message.rtf" attachment, convert to HTML.
  • Modification of distribution list parsing to not assume email addr = display name.
  • Support "follow up" flag in French.
  • Fix time zone problem for zones with fractional hour offsets (e.g. India).
  • Allow download and upload of calendar attachments.
  • Set default name of source calendar to "Calendar". Can be overridden with /D272 or /CAF.
  • Changes to write Sent, Drafts, Trash, Junk to correct Google folders.
  • Fix problem where calendar export would skip calendar after first, possibly crash.
  • Fixed bug in exporting recurring events.
  • Look for German version of "Frequent Contacts" during AB conversion.
  • Modifications to work with IceWarp.
  • Fix parsing error of email address in contacts, get rid of extraneous question marks.
  • Handle "relative monthly" recurrence pattern.
  • Do not honor "encoding=utf-8" because we have found example where it was incorrect.
  • Modify login verification of directory, so that empty folder does not result in failed job.
  • Handle kerio type distribution lists.

Transend Migrator 12.5 (released August 5, 2016)

  • Ship lkserver.exe in installer.
  • Fixes to date formatting routines to check for invalid date.
  • Modifications to license check retry (/D193) to handle more situations.
  • When doing calendar date filter, take recurring date range into account.
  • Binary escape character changed from '=' to '%'
  • Fixed bug that puts machine key licenses into demo mode all the time.
  • Go through all source systems, make sure we handle folder name with '^'.
  • Fixed crash problem with licenses containing restricted options.
  • Remove OST/PST non-mapi from Forensic, calendar target list.
  • Fixed "Migration Report Only" output.
  • More accurately count attachments in migration report.
  • Added /LFILES switch to log attachment names.
  • Fixed problem with /DEDUP where tasks would always come up as duplicate.
Outlook/Exchange (MAPI):
  • Fixes to calendar breakout decoding function.
  • Updated library to allow reading of Outlook 2013+ .ost files.
  • "/flagged" handling changed to mean "high priority" instead of "flag message".
Exchange Web Services (EWS):
  • Add switch /D271 to extract data change (location, subject) for breakout events.
  • Retrieve "Status" property from tasks.
  • Fix bug when reading contacts causing crash.
  • Enhancement to duplicate checking with WorkMail - only add entries to dup file if entry was successful.
  • When bundling messages on upload, limit bundle size to 25mb.
  • Added switch /D264 to translate distinguished folders to English.
  • Set MeetingStatus to 1 when importing meeting, sets correct UI controls in Outlook. Also various properties to set organizer.
  • Added switch /MIX to support UW IMAP "Mix" format.
Amazon WorkMail:
  • Fix failure to create folder.
  • When bundling messages on upload, limit bundle size to 25mb.
  • Enhancement to duplicate checking with WorkMail - only add entries to dup file if entry was successful.
  • Fixed crash bug when writing distribution lists.
  • Added alternate method of obtaining messages flags, for older systems.
  • Retrieve attachment names from calendar entries, and create dummy attachment.
  • Added support for search folders with /D238.
  • Fixed problem with message dates being 1 hour too high.
  • Do not count calendar items when Google is target.
  • Process calendar breakouts.
  • Add /SHOWVIEWS to make CHAT, etc. visible.
  • Changes to support converting CHAT data.
  • Allow retrieving of URL for each calendar attachment.
  • Set IE browser emulation via registry, to allow Google authentication.
Lotus Notes:
  • Add switch /D270 to allow use of Notes calendar API (client 9.0.1 required).
  • Allow .nsf file specification in UNC format to pass through to NSFDbOpen.
  • When writing to Drafts, do not attempt to manipulate Notes view to avoid false error message.
  • Fix problem where text from recurring events was not character translated.
  • Added switch /D260 to specify Notes user for updating unread note table.
  • Added support for creating calendar breakouts.
  • Make /D127 automatic.
  • Allow top level folders Junk and Trash to be mapped to.
  • Changes to how TM stores dates for calendar, to make them pure GMT.
  • Allow meeting attendee status to be written to Notes calendar events.
  • Switch /D265 adds line to calendar comments regarding recurring exceptions.
  • Switch /D266 Allow custom recurring events.
  • Switch /D267 Force all recurring to be custom events.
  • When adding html message, use alternate method for html > 64k.
  • Fixed crash due to importing very long file name attachment.
  • Convert GW Reminder Notes to all day events.
Outlook CSV:
  • Added parameter to /D153 (which produces name and email only, for use with translation table). Parameter=1 allows name, email to be reversed.
Kerio Contacts:
  • Updated to handle quoted-printable formatted data.
  • Fix for crash on too big contact note data.

Transend Migrator 12.4 (released March 7, 2016)

  • Added switch /DETACHEXT to specify list of attachment extensions to detach.
  • In GUI, in Contact, Calendar, Task folder list screens, add pop-up menu options to copy line to folder exclude list and folder map.
  • Fixed /DETACH so that files that are invalid DOS names will be altered to be valid.
  • Added API support for com_GetExtendedError()
  • Fix errors in the way function restricted licenses are handled/displayed.
Amazon WorkMail:
  • Added switch /D251 to bundle multiple messages into a single operation when importing email.
Exchange/Outlook (MAPI):
  • If /CHARSET specified, convert pst file to that charset from UTF8.
  • If /CHARSET specified, convert pst file to that charset from UTF8.
  • Adjust RTF -> HTML conversion to ignore /pard and /plain tags.
Outlook MSG:
  • Increased memory allocation of some variables to possibly fix crash. Also added /DELETEMSG to delete .msg file after processing, /RENAMEMSG to rename with .done extension.
  • Test for .png file type in unnamed attachments.
  • Fixed parsing problem with certain Japanese messages.
  • Check for "server busy" error when writing to EWS. In that case, do not write message to duplicate file, so will get reprocessed next run.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Added switch /D251 to bundle multiple messages into a single operation when importing email.
  • Restored "StartTimeZone" field for recurring events - fix for O365 update that caused events in standard time to be off by 1 hour.
  • When creating folders, if top level is "root" override any /GN value.
  • Allow reminder to be set in all cases of a recurring event.
  • Fix crash due to large contact fields.
  • Added /D257 <file> to specify "incremental migration" functionality.
  • Fixes to better handle non-English characters in folder and attachment names.
  • Added switch /D253 to not allow TM to override message header character set.
  • Better handling of invalid "Date" field.
  • Allow '/' character as delimiter in /AUTHPLAIN.
Lotus Notes:
  • Fix parsing of certain MIME encoded messages.
  • Fixed /DEDUP problem in contacts - not deduping groups.
  • If target folder top level is "Root" ignore any /GN value.
  • Change the way we set up calls to Gmail API, avoids "unable to access labels" problem for some users.
Transport Files:
  • Fixed a bug in Message Vault where it would cause an access violation reading a message with a invalid DOS file name.
  • Fix Zimbra Authentication for certain versions of Zimbra.
  • Fix parsing error in email, leading to RFC headers in message body.
  • Fix invalid month/day when extracting yearly recurring entry.
  • Fix problem picking up folder hierarchy from older Zimbra version.
  • Retry 2 times on http error 500 on message download.
  • Support additional fields for Microsoft Free/Busy flag.
  • Deal with .vcs files containing whitespace after the ':'.
  • Fixed incorrect parsing of BCC recipient, causing invalid Gmail message.
  • Added switch /D255 to split Mailbox into Inbox and Sent.
  • Filter out characters less then 32d (except CR/LF)
  • Write UTF8 BOM characters at beginning of file.
  • Try all http authorization methods, change calendar counter to work with IceWarp.
  • Fix parsing error related to distribution lists.

Transend Migrator 12.3 (released November 13, 2015)

  • Added undocumented switch /TTDEBUG2 to log recipients/attendees who fail the translation lookup.
  • Make /SLEEP delay applicible to EWS and Google as well as IMAP.
  • Modification to make license key checking more reliable.
  • Added special processing to duplicate check so that we can split into two phases - check for dup and add to table, so that we can check for successful write to target.
  • Fixed address translation table import to handle commas embedded in quotes.
  • Update Folder Exclude code to handle sub-folders correctly.
  • Allows $vars to be used in folder convert list and folder map.
  • Re-enable /D179 (expand recurring appointments) for Outlook/EWS.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Check for invalid recurring event ID when searching for occurrences.
Amazon WorkMail:
  • Added preliminary support for this system, both as source and target.
  • If /D239 used (subscribed folders only), artifically include INBOX in list.
  • Fixed /IMAPMSG.
  • Detect disconnect on inventory SELECT, reconnect, and skip that folder.
  • Fix problem encoding folder names with non-English characters.
Lotus Notes:
  • Make copy of database name before doing character conversion from UTF8 - display on Monitor and log correctly.
  • Fix character conversion problem with folder names.
  • Add Notes text properties to headers in the form "X-Notes-Item: ; name=". Switch /D245.
  • Use "Form" as alternative to "Type" field, fixing problem of missing contacts and groups.
  • RFC822 passthru mode (/D81) applies to all subsystems where RFC-822 output is used.
  • If an attachment is a .pdf but also has a content-id (embedded image) force it to be an attachment.
  • Parse attached smime.p7s files for message parts and attachments.
  • Added read support for calendar/task from CalDAV enabled source systems.
  • Added write support for calendar task, read support for CardDAV contacts.
  • Attempt retry when getting 5XX errors on http POST.
  • Further changes to make restricted folder names into unique names.
  • Change the URL that we upload messages to, to allow for larger messages.
  • Add parameter to calendar URL, to specify user than quota is taken from.
  • More changes to support large message sizes.
  • If email address in dlist is missing, set it to "missing_email@domain.com". (so Gmail will display the name)
  • Support /GN when importing into Gmail.
  • Further validation of attendee email - make sure domain is present.
  • For Gmail via IMAP, allow reconnect on 1 hour timeout.
  • More changes to try and fix Gmail label creation error.
  • Better handling of nested folders containing a slash.
  • Check if re-authentication needed for all source/target data types.
  • Use "import" method of creating calendar events, so that attendees do not get copy, unless /D207 is use (only if organizer is the Google user).
  • Added switch /D247 to process only the primary Google calendar.
  • Fixed problem where it would not find existing folders to import into.
  • If there are more than one text parts to a RFC-822 message, make all of them after the first into attachments.
Netmail Archive:
  • Change check for valid input directory so we are looking for "XML" directory.
  • Added source (read) support for Netmail calendar, contacts and tasks.
  • Added support for /ATTACHDIR to specify different location for attachments.
  • Added switch /D250 to configure Netmail Store server/IP. Download messages and attachments from that instead of using local storage.
  • Obtain a new Zimbra authorization token after 50 minutes.
  • If no DaysOfWeek found in recurring event, use start date to create one.
  • Further fixes for parsing recurring calendar events.
  • Added Zimbra as target for email, contacts, calendar and tasks (via SOAP API).
  • Add /D81 switch (RFC-822 pass-thru).
  • Update VCF code for version 12 to avoid crash.
  • Fix problem where we missed certain HTML message parts.
  • Scan message text from ANSI pst files looking for Unicode with corrupt data and fix it.
  • Added switch /D246 to stop conversion at the point of creating HTML files i.e. don't convert to graphic format, just leave as HTML.

Transend Migrator 12.2 (released July 15, 2015)

  • Delete winmail.dat attachment after examining for embedded attachments.
  • Trim spaces from front and back of all switch parameters.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash at the end of the process, if the elapsed time was 0.
  • Fixed a bogus "Invalid detach dir" error in the log.
  • Allow graphic outputs (jpeg/tif/pdf) to honor /D205 switch - output file is named for unique ID if present (set in source system).
  • If "$foldername" is specified in output database name, do multiple logons for target, one for each source folder name, doing substitution. Meant for .pst sources to create multiple ouput .pst files, one for each folder.
  • Fixes to handle failed message stores, causing later crash when trying to access other stores.
  • Various fixes for creating recurring events.
  • Take out filter that requires a particular ApptType when creating a task.
Exchange Web Services (EWS):
  • Add support for breakout events when creating calendar entries
Lotus Notes:
  • Clean up internet email address.
  • Do not present standard folders such as Inbox, Sent, etc. if they do not in fact have views present in the .nsf file.
  • Change method of retrieving MIME headers so that all are picked up.
  • Added support for Zimbra SOAP API.
  • When getting folder list, use altername name property if original one not there.
  • Fix error message about "gmail message list" when doing non-email migrations.
  • If email conversion goes on for 50+ minutes, get new auth token
  • Fix date coming in as migrated date when importing to Gmail.
  • Fixed problem with creating labels in email.
  • Fixed problem with invalid html characters received.
  • Added switch /D243, skip migration of inbox message if it's already in a label.
  • If we get an "invalid label" error, try appending "(migrated)" to get it working.
  • Obtain a new authentication token if we receive error 401 on download.
  • Fix bug when reading email, if one msg skipped, remainder are also.
  • If Google Authentication, get new auth token every 50 minutes.
  • Fix bug causing file handles to run out if IMAP does not respond as expected.
  • Enabled reconnect (D197) feature during folder create phase.
ICS/VCS Calendar:
  • Allow /D216 (pre-pend subject) to work on recurring events.
  • Fix to allow "every weekday" event to work.
  • Updated to process breakout events for standard .ics format (not Mirapoint)
  • Read task priority correctly.
  • Update to handle odd GMT TZ format.
  • Various changes when creating .ics files, to better support attendees and recurring events.
  • Fix for skipping certain entries containing addresses.
  • Handle embedded [ ] in text data (.mrk files)
  • Support Categories in .mrk calendar files.

Transend Migrator 12.1 (released April 13, 2015)

  • Support tasks when reading from archive.
  • Removed support for OAuth 1.0 (key/secret) because Google has discontinued support.
  • Fix for DST time issue when creating calendar events.

Transend Migrator 12.0 (released April 6, 2015)

  • Improved API to allow multiple calendar/contact/task folders to be migrated.
  • If /HPW used, scrub in log any password in "AUTH" type switch, following '|'.
  • When /DETACH is used, create directory if not already there.
  • Spash screen for full evaluation licenses modified to point out message watermark.
  • /MSGDATE enhanced to allow a single date, followed by + or -, meaning: all dates after or before this date.
  • Added msvcr100.dll (C runtime library) to build.
Lotus Notes:
  • Additional DST checking for certain types of recurring entries.
Exchange Web Services:
  • When requesting server version, use Exchange 2007_SP1 for certain requests.
  • If message date filter is used, use a restriction instead of looking at each message.
Outlook/Exchange (MAPI):
  • If message date filter is used, do a MAPI restriction instead of looking at each message.
  • If /D54 useed, created target .msg directory if not already there.
  • Fix for files containing non-standard line terminator sequence.
  • Fix parsing problem of .vcs files related to quoted lines.
  • Fix an AV caused by missing data in calendar.
  • Handle "FileID:" header from Bloomberg "dump" format.
  • Add switch /D240 to force EML output files to a single directory.
  • Fixed bug in ReformatLine causing crash.
  • Added /D239 to display "subscribed" folders (using LSUB command).
  • Fix to new incremental migration feature - was crashing normal migrations with empty folders.
  • If there is no "Date:" field in MIME data, get it from the IMAP INTERNALDATE header, if present.
  • Support X-MASTERAUTH for Kerio IMAP (admin authentication).
  • Added /D241 - force Google authentication screen
  • Remove forensic restriction on producing "tblallfiles.csv".

Transend Migrator 11.6 (released October 28, 2014)

  • Support for Asia/Jerusalem TZ.
  • Fixes in Batch Validation for Google contacts and calendar .
  • Allow up to 1000 folder mappings
Exchange Web Services:
  • Do not set a reminder, if the date of the event is prior to today.
  • Added "X-AnchorMailbox" header to SOAP calls - may help with throttling.
Bloomberg XML:
  • Fix problem parsing chat files.
  • Added switch /D236 to force selection of corporate or bloomberg email.
  • Use "mailto:" in Organizer if organizer has an internet email address.
  • X-ORACLE-CLASS overrides normal "CLASS".
  • For Mirapoint, do not adjust end time to start time unless difference is greater than 1 week.
  • Additional time zones for Oracle .ics files, plus typo fix for "Pacific Time".
  • When downloading calendar/contacts URL, handle spaces correctly
  • Switch /D238 to suppress Zimbra search folders.
  • Check for additional Zimbra fields before failing contacts .csv file.
  • Continue with migrations if no index files are found, so that .cnm files are handled.
  • Fix for exporting all day events.
  • Fixed random crash on exit.
  • Allow retrieval of more than 32K messages (API version).
  • Detect GW 2014 and load correct DLL.
  • Populate ABookName for use with /D219, when exporting calendars
  • Updates to allow '*' for calendar name.
  • Set Private flag, free/busy, reminder period in calendar events.
  • Modifications to date to make setting "All Day" event work right.
  • Fix problem with invalid UTF8 characters in message text.
  • Prevent category field from appending invalid data when deleted messages are skipped.
  • /D237, disables code that places subfolders of the inbox at the root.
  • Handle more than 10 category fields on message import
  • Clear sender name field on each message to avoid including previous name if a message has no sender name.
  • Fix to allow multi-day, all day events from Notes to show up correctly
  • Fixed crash problem that occurs when trying to open .pst file, that was incorrectly closed in previous address book conversion (that failed).
  • Extending /D54 so that when importing into Outlook, create .msg files in specified directory.
Lotus Notes:
  • Fix for parsing Japanese MIME.
  • Added switch /D235 to define a list of custom properties to read from Notes messages and insert into MIME headers.
  • Remove quotes from distribution list names in emails.
  • Fixed problem with invalid encoding tag "utf-16" found in html meta tag.
  • Prevent duplicate contact groups when exporting from mail.nsf.
  • Adjust times when Notes calendar time has different TZ than local machine.
  • When creating event, anything over 1 day, turn into all day event. At same time, append to message text original start/end.
  • If /D153 used, export 2 entries to .csv, one with full Notes name, other with just first last (for use by Group Dlist conversions).
  • Use InternetAddress over MailAddress if present.
  • Change "Anniversary" event to "All Day".
  • Fixed problem with being unable to read calendar groups when using Admin Auth.
  • Allow use of '*' to select all Google calendars.
  • Fixed bug in MIME parser related to corrupt name in dlist.
  • Handle corrupted content-type header.
Outlook CSV:
  • Allow fieldlab.dat to specify positional locations of fields, instead of label names. Assumes there will be no headers.
  • Added support for additional field labels for email, business address.

Transend Migrator 11.5 (released August 8, 2014)

  • Added 'I' to MD5 dup fields, meaning internet headers. Do not
  • include headers in 'M' (message body).
  • Fixed RunTime error caused by no parameter to /CONCURRENT.
  • Make /MAXDLIST apply to all subsystems and data types.
  • Added "Common Options" button to all screens.
  • Added switch /FILTER with initial support for senderemail=, sendername=.
  • Added middle name to TT Lookup code, also check display name if no match.
  • Added feature to check current version against shipping version and report
  • to user if an update is available.
  • Fixed parsing of Scalix calendar data to avoid skipping entries.
  • NAMESPACE support, i.e. prepend the namespace value to created folders.
  • Fixed a problem with the IMAPSEARCH command not picking up all entries.
  • If target folder name begins with "root:" then put it at the
  • root folder, even if there is a /GN (group name) value.
  • Fixed bug in release 1187 causing calender percentage display to fail.
  • Handle utf-7 in inbound html.
Lotus Notes:
  • Altered logic of /D153 to put display name in "CN=..@Domain" format.
  • Do not allow "Reminder" type calendar entries to be created, make them
  • appointments.
  • Allow processing of wildcards in address book conversion.
  • Fix parsing problem with CC and BCC entries.
  • Skip embedded messages in contacts, calendar, tasks.
Transport File (.trf):
  • Support /DEDUP for calendar, task and contacts.
  • Fix a problem exporting contact entries.
Google Contacts:
  • Perform edit on inbound contact data to avoid import failures.
  • Allow conversion of .mrk files to honor /dedup.
Bloomberg XML:
  • Fix problem reading UTF-8 encoded xml files.
  • New switch /D232 - Bloomberg email overrides corporate email.
NetMail XML:
  • Updates to better support NetMail import process.
CSV Contact File:
  • Add de-duping capability.
  • Support additional headers, for use in Zimbra conversions
  • Switch date format to yyyy-mm-dd.

Transend Migrator 11.4 (released March 11, 2014)

  • Added switch /TT <file> to specify alternate translation table.
  • Added GoDaddy as source calendar system (same as Zimbra)
  • Modified /SKIPSUBS processing so that *** acts as wildcard at end of test string.
  • Added switch /CCMAP for Contact/Calendar folder mapping.
  • Change default timeout to 300 seconds.
  • Handle all day event correctly when creating calendar entry.
  • When reading ANSI pst, honor /OLDPST and assume header/attachment names are in codepage format and convert to UTF8.
  • Added switch /D231 <n> to force default codepage to <n>.
  • Added undocumented switch /MINMSGSIZE <kb>
  • Get categories out of FLAGS line even if they don't have :FLAG
Lotus Notes:
  • Fix problem parsing messages from Adobe.
  • Changed default Notes database to server, not local file.
  • Fixed parsing problem of Notes MIME messages, to handle base64 encoded parts.
  • Added support for Google Archive.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Fix problem reading folder list when there are large number of folders.
  • Read GUI from EWS calendar, and use that for Global Object ID in Outlook calender (switch /D226).
  • Fixed problem with decoding MIME GW messages.
  • Adjustment to ignore invalid "unicode" charset in META tag (both read/write).
  • Adjustment to ignore "windows-1251" (russian) charset if part is also identified as utf-8.
  • Handle corrupt FirstClass encoded MIME that has invalid terminating boundaries.
  • Added switch /D229, skip messages with X-Spam-Status or X-Spam-Flag = Yes.
  • Fix crash caused by large description field, when importing.
  • Handle America/Denver, America/Phoenix, TZ.
  • Handle Australian TZs, also handle offsets in fractions of an hour.
Text PDF:
  • Create true output folder hierarchy, instead of periods as delimiter.
  • Filter out "combining" utf-8 characters (such as umlaut) from attachment names.
Outlook CSV:
  • Update to handle .csv files without a terminating CR/LF.
Novell NAB:
  • Fixed problem identifying correct field name position.
Bloomberg XML:
  • Modified parsing of chat files.
  • Cut off Internet ID if too big
  • Do not error out if message has no text/html/header data to import.

Transend Migrator 11.3 (released December 17, 2013)

  • Add 2nd and 3rd email addresses to address book duplicate checking.
  • Fixed the way master log is created, when /LN is used.
  • Added counts for duplicates and message date skipped, by folder and total, to the log file, and also show these numbers in the migration report, by folder.Produce the migration report even if a migration process fails.
Lotus Notes:
  • Fix for Thai character conversions.
  • Added switch /D225 to add invitee status to calendar comments.
  • Separate processing for Importance/Delivery priority.
  • Modification to handle multi-day, all day event import.
  • Fixed problem with creating recurring weekly events, from non-Outlook.
Netmail XML:
  • Changes made as a result of Netmail evaluation in October.
  • Added /MAXIMAP.
  • Added /SHOWVIEWS, to pick up Gmail Starred, Importand, and All Mail.
  • Support /D114 (folder structure only) in IMAP.
  • Use a different property to retrieve task reminder date.
  • Fix to pick up certain type of recurring calendar entries.
  • Added switch /D226 to use Meeting Database to synch organizer and invitee events.
  • Added switch /D227 to change the way all day events are detected.
  • Fixed a problem where TM would filter out the "from" line of internet headers.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Fill in timezone offset in Date: field, also support /EIH and /D68
  • Increased max number of EWS folders to 15,000.
  • Fixed retry logic on message send.
  • Detect meeting type when exporting calendar.
  • When creating RFC-822, don't allow any attachment to be "embedded" unless it is an image file.
  • Fix to handle quoted-printable strings better.
  • Handle Toronto time zone.
Google Calendar/Task:
  • Fixes to handle larger number of events in list.

Transend Migrator 11.2 (released October 8, 2013)

  • Added capability to download .vcs (calendar/task) and .csv (contacts) from Zimbra server, prior to doing .vcs or Outlook csv source conversions.
  • Fixed problem with batch validation of address book data.
  • Added build date to About box.
  • Modified "Load from file" so that it appends to grid, not overwrites.
  • Changed "GW XML Archive" to "Netmail Archive" and move to IMAP section. Added "GW via IMAP".
  • Added "HELP - what system should I choose?" link to all To/From boxes. Also extra synonyms for MAPI and EWS.
  • Further GUI enhancements: cursor changes for help functions, increased space between fields.
  • Fix to allow forensic version to change simultaneous migrations.
  • Fix to allow EWS selections to be saved correctly, so when re-starting user sees the same EWS flavor.
  • Added switch /INST <n> so that multiple instances of TM11.exe can run.
Transend Migrator Forensic Search:
  • Fixed problem with long file names in search list.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Send keepalive packet when downloading large attachments.
  • Honor /D142 switch to skip vcal attachments or messages.
  • If '*' specified for contacts or calendar folder on export, process all, putting folder name into category field in target.
  • Added "Other Telephone" to contacts export.
  • Cut off hierarchy after 20 levels to prevent runaway.
  • When migrating calendars, if organizer is user running migration, make him the meeting owner.
  • Added property to created EWS contact groups to make them editable.
  • Support switch /D219 to create separate contact folders.
  • Support embedded .wmf (meta file) images.
  • Added switch /D219, to allow creation of separate contacts/calendar folders, when '*' specified as source contact/calendar name.
  • Fix problem with converting contact folder that is a subfolder.
  • Allow second MAPI property to show if calendar event is recurring.
  • Better method to filter out contact, calendar and task folders from email list.
  • Fix crash bug that occurs when profile has public folders as first msg store.
  • When importing a message with embedded objects (and no normal attachments) do not allow attachment icon to show up.
  • Added switch /D222 for matching user ID with Organizer email.
Lotus Notes:
  • Check for Notes version 9 installed.
  • If HTML is more than 64k, change it to attachment.
  • Possible fix for calendar events imported into Notes, not showing up as Busy.
  • Changes to rfc-822 parsing to account for line with no CR/LF.
  • Better method to detect "Views" so they are removed when requested.
  • Fixed a problem with generating the correct default mail file name.
  • Removed existing logic when creating all day event, so that we don't automatically show as free time.
  • Fixed problem with sign of GMT offset in date header of APPEND command.
  • Updates to folder name encoding to better support Japanese.
  • Only do AUTHENTICATE PLAIN if the user password is empty.
  • Deal with FirstClass situation where it returns no data in response to FETCH command, to keep from timing out.
  • If message is flagged, set flag in Outlook to be "marked".
  • Added /GWTRUSTED2, same as /GWTRUSTED except target system only.
  • Time zone fix for GW IMAP.
  • Support for Google XOAUTH (allow admin migrations with no user passwords).
  • Fixed problem with non-English folder names.
  • Do not output <> in distribution list, if there is no email address.
  • If user specifies a mbox file, not a directory as input, consider that to represent an entire mailbox, with a single "Inbox" folder.
  • Log warning if EML file is skipped.
  • Check for case where HTML segment is blank, overriding text file
  • Corrected problem with non-English character strings being cut-off, also in RTF->HTML conversion, detect Japanese character set.
  • Allow "*" to be used to convert all address books.
  • Fix up AB email address that contains email terminiating with .GWIA...
  • Fix to MIME parsing regarding quoted-printable html.
  • Problem with /D70 switch causing crash.
  • Log number of sent items skipping during mailbox conversion.
  • Support extracting seconds from date/time.
  • Allow "Company" address book objects to be migrated.
NetMail XML Archive:
  • Updates to support new formatting of .xml files.
  • Support switch /D218 to make EML output files same name as input files.
  • Fixed bug where zero length xml files would cause a crash.
  • Added support for NetMail XML as a target system.
  • Fixed problem with truncated distribution lists.
  • Count "skipped" entries so that progress bar is accurate.
  • Support "Europe/Berlin" timezone.
  • Fix for crash caused by excessive line lengths.
  • Ignore attachments that begin with "CID:".
  • Add more timezone strings to supported list.
  • Honor /UTF8 switch when creating ics/vcs entries.
  • Fix problem in parsing attendees.
  • Fix UTF8 coding issue in "Description" field.
  • Added switch /D220, class "confidential" same as "private".
  • Added more timezone strings for central Europe.
  • When creating entries, add random number to UID value.
XML Bloomberg:
  • Fixed crash problem with certain files.
  • Fix problem with /D119 conflicting with /DEDUP.
PDF Text:
  • Fixed problem caused by too-large attachment name.
CSV Addresses:
  • Added ability to handle distrbution lists exported by Zimbra.
Google (ALL):
  • Allow administrative migrations for all data types, using /XOAUTH or via GUI.
Google Calendar:
  • Fixed problem with exporting more than 200 calendar events.
  • Fixed problem caused by multiple lines in location.
  • Fixed problem with exporting all day events.

Transend Migrator 11.1 (released April 16, 2013)

  • Modifications to several calendar modules to change the definition of the free/busy/tentative flag, to be consistent between them.
  • Added switch /D212 to allow zero-byte attachments.
  • Allow folder map to use batch variables ($var1, etc.) Also slight tweaking of folder map function.
  • When invalid license key found, display values in log.
  • Updated method to get executable directory name, to help with tmod.dat load.
  • Added "Test Logon" buttons to address book, calendar and task config screens.
  • Allow Full Version Eval license to work for Transend Migrator Forensic Edition.
  • Allow "Warnings" to appear in status column of migration report, if there are warnings and no errors.
  • Added switches /D215 <string> and /D216 <string> to pre-pend the string on message subjects, calendar and task event titles.
  • Modification to folder mapping, so that map: Test/* -> Inbox will work for source folder "Test" (with no subfolders).
  • Added switch /D218 to allow pass-thru of filename, EML->PST->MSG.
  • Added coding to html log file so that non-English characters display correctly.
  • Fixed a problem correctly exporting the "private" flag out of Tasks.
  • Do not export attachments that are "hidden".
  • Retrieve Organizer Email from calendar events, if present.
  • Modifications to better support reading/setting Organizer for Calendar.
  • Added switch /D214: when importing, if a .msg attachment found, do not attempt to read it as .msg, just keep as binary attachment.
  • Convert "Categories" field to UTF8 instead of local codepage.
  • Fixed problem importing anniversary in contacts.
  • Added switch /D217 to set Outlook as default email before starting migration.
  • Create properties GlobalObjectId and CleanGlobalObjectId when creating calendar events.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Allow TM to obtain folder list in multiple fetch operations, to get around EWS throttling.
Lotus Notes:
  • When converting address books, if standard $People view is not found, look for $Contacts (gets rid of need for /iNotes).
  • Fixed problem causing blank message body when exporting MIME messages.
  • Fixed problem with corrupt "Principal" field being used as sender name.
  • Fixed problem with certain MIME messages having all blank data.
  • Modification to "Doc link" processing, so that more than one can be handled, and links are inserted in converted Rich Text.
  • When reading Notes messages, if encrypted, do de-crypt operation before any properties are retrieve or they won't work.
  • Exporting calendar entries, when testing for Organizer, use original "Notes User" supplied by user, not taken from ID file (if given).
  • Deal with /D112 (AB legend file) if in UTF-8 format.
  • Add ability to specify "GW" after /CHARSET variable, to skip standard ISO encoding for GW IMAP server, and keep headers in a specific codepage.
Outlook MSG:
  • Fixed a problem exporting attachments.
  • Fixed a problem where html segment is mis-identified as text.
  • Added ability to handle generic pdf and zip attachments (with no file name).
  • Added switch /D213 to set output file (for EML) to be the same name as the input file.
  • Check for excessively long file name and truncate if needed.
  • Fixed a crash problem that happens with corrupt file attachment.
  • Allow /CF, /CAF switches to take priority over default values for cal, contacts.
  • Changes to support folder creation in latest version of Gmail.
  • Added feature to show folders that are sub to "INBOX" as top level folders.
  • Search directory and file names using Unicode standard, so that non-English names will work.
  • Search directory and file names using Unicode standard, so that non-English names will work.
  • When using /DE <extension> include subdirectories in search, instead of skipping them because they don't have the extension.
  • Changes to character encoding when exporting, to better support EWS.
  • Fixed parsing error with ISO-2022-JP message parts.
  • Fixed problem with base-64 encoded message parts.
  • Handle "duration" value in alarms, in addition to absolute date/time.
  • Add a parameter to /EVCS: 1=attendees, 2=attachments, 3=both.
  • Fixed a problem in task output - last line of description field missing if there are task attachments.
  • Modifications to Organizer parsing in .ics files.
  • Support "DateofBirth" and "anniversary" fields on import.
  • Added support for third email address.
Thunderbird Address Book (.mab):
  • Allow user to specify prefs.js file, then convert all .mab file found, setting the target "Category" to be the address book name.
  • In address book conversion, stop putting "Key" field in Job Title, and do not generate Nickname field.
XML (Bloomberg):
  • Convert Unicode files to UTF8, so now non-English characters handled.
  • Fix problem when adding all day calendar events, and with timezone offset field.
  • Fix problem with exporting calendar entries in demo mode.
Transport File:
  • When /LSUB used, put correct data in log for calendar, task and contacts.
  • Skip over apparent corrupt messages (based on excessive part count).
  • Switch /HPW blanks out password in connection string.

Transend Migrator 11.0 (released January 7, 2013)

  • When /DETACH is used, and "stub" attachment created, put full path to copied file in the stub.
  • Fixed bug in /RL (reverse login) causing incorrect value passed to 4th login parameter.
  • Insert version information into all dlls, and display the version in log.
  • Updated CURL to 7.27, OpenSSL to 1.0.1c.
  • Include libcurl-winssl.dll, so users can switch to native Windows SSL instead of OpenSSL.
  • Added "Migration Report Only" to Contacts, Calendar and Tasks screens.
  • Added "Validate Batch Setup" function to Batch Migration menu.
  • If user changes batch data, prompt for data save if user exits with no save.
  • When an error message appears in the master log, include the process number so that we know what log file it corresponds to.
  • During folder mapping, if target folder begins with folder delimiter, get rid of it.
  • Allow user to create "DetachText.txt" or "DetachText.htm" in program directory, to supply alternate text for "Detached" message stub. Use substitution parameters $length, $original, $newname, $pathname.
  • Allow concurrent session count in Migration Monitor to be set to 0, which will pause the activation of new migration processes.
  • Added "Entity Matching" feature.
  • Added "Export Batch Data" feature.
  • Fixed a problem whereby if you modified a custom option in the GUI, it would be necessary in some cases to re-start the GUI for the update to take effect.
  • If /MAXSTALL has a zero or negative parameter, use default value.
  • Make the name of the single user log file "tmlog-1" to better reconcile with reports.
Lotus Notes:
  • Fixed crash due to corrupt .tif attachment.
  • Fixed problem importing Chinese attachment names in calendar, tasks, and contacts.
  • Replaced RFC822 (mime) parsing code with the same version used by TM's MBOX, IMAP, Thunderbird code.
  • Convert inbound Database name from UTF8 to Western European charset.
  • Support exporting the replied and forwarded flag (for selected target systems).
  • Support exporting reminder period from calendar entries.
  • Fix bug found with certain corrupt Notes messages generated by archiving software "PAM".
  • Fix crash problem caused by corrupt attachment names.
  • Take sender email from Sender name if present.
  • Remove folders with 'V' flag (personal View/Folder) from folder convert list.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Allow /CAN to specify name of "Notes" folder.
  • If server version is <= 8, and user is converting "Notes" folder, then do not ask for IsRead property (to avoid EWS error message).
  • When processing recurring calendar entries, handle xml from version 8 EWS that has recurrence info regarding daylight/standard time changes, also skip AdjacentMeetings data.
  • Add code to skip ConflictingMeetings data.
  • When creating calendar in EWS target, set correct folder class property.
  • Switch /SSLVER <n> to force TLS (n=1) or SSLv3 (n=3).
  • Switch /CIPHER <value> for specifying SSL cipher.
  • Support message flag when importing email to EWS.
  • Switch /EWSPUB to read/write public folders.
  • If user selects "EWS" make default auth method to be NTLM (otherwise BASIC).
  • Support categories when importing email to EWS.
  • Changes to allow all attendees to be included when importing a meeting, regardless of whether the user is the actual meeting organizer, if switch /D211 used.
  • Avoid EWS error when attempting to create distribution list with no members. Also a fix to avoid crash when member name is too long.
  • Added switch /D207 to allow meetings to re-send invitations to attendees.
  • Process organizer information when exporting EWS calendar.
  • Handle FreeBusy flag in calendar export.
  • Support inbound forward and reply flags, if present.
  • Use alternate "OK FETCH COMPLETED" string to check for end of received message, to deal with Mdaemon server that is not returning full tag ids.
  • If putting messages into Gmail "Sent Mail" - change to [Gmail]/Sent Mail so that messages show up in actual Sent Mail folder.
  • Fixed a problem where Gmail folders with "/" get processed as parent/child folders.
  • Increased size of IMAPSEARCH buffer to 500k.
  • Modification to handle AOL response to fetch "message unavailable".
  • Allow /CAN to specify name of "Notes" folder.
  • Fix crash bug when reading Outlook calendar entries with large attached messages.
  • Fix to prevent crash when exporting messages with embedded messages.
  • Changes to allow TM to pick up profile names in Outlook 2013.
  • Made modification to how recurring cal entries are made for all day events, to avoid being off by one day in some situations.
  • Set caledar Organizer name in Unicode.
  • Support "Tentative" freebusy status on calendar import.
  • Added switch /D208 - skip all code related to logging off MAPI and closing the session - may avoid subsequent logon problems within the same migration process.
  • Fix problem with expansion of recurring calendar entries, for dates on leap day.
  • Added switch /D210 to limit size of distribution lists, and start a continuation. Needed for Exchange server migrations but may find better way of dealing with limit.
  • If adding dlist to contacts, and contains more than 100 members, use alternate property to store, so that large groups will work. /D210 overrides. Will not work on OL 2003. Similarly, added cabability of reading such alternate property, if present.
  • When exporting to .msg files, and /ODF is used (to use old version storage files) allow option parameter to indicate number of message recipients to use as cutoff value (if greater, then new storage format is used regardless of /ODF).
Outlook MSG:
  • Updated MAPI code to match the Exchange/Outlook extract module (to handle Unicode characters and pick up some missing properties).
  • For unnamed attachments, scan through data looking for markers to indicate file extension.
  • Handle messages with nothing but binary pdf in message text.
  • Further adjustment to RFC-822 boundary parsing.
  • Handle malformed messages where there are multiple addressed in the "From" line.
  • Changes to the way ISO encoded data is written to output messages.
  • Updates to MIME parser and delimiter logic to allow for use of "Becky" files.
  • Fixed crash problem due to over sized folder name.
Thunderbird Address Book (.mab):
  • Fixed conversion failure due to large size of .mab file.
  • For malformed LDIF address data, read ahead lines to check for extra data.
  • Modification to above fix to allow for legitimate data cases.
  • Honor "deleted" flag found in LDIF data.
  • Fix parsing error when "street" is last field in contact entry.
  • Handle lines beginning with "item1", handle backslash escape in addresses.
  • Handle date/time where the timezone is not GMT, but encoded in TZID field.
  • Fixed crash problem caused by different delimiter in EXDATE field.
  • Fixed crash problem caused by large UID field.
  • Check output directory for invalid DOS character names and change to underscore.
  • Added switch /D205 to name output file whatever is in the UniqueID field, which is set by the client.
  • Honor switch /UNDELETE (in case where .eml files come from Thunderbird).
  • Fix to get embedded message import working correctly for TX.
Text PDF:
  • Switch /D209 to create output files with date set to message date.
Google Calendar:
  • Fixed typo in Mountain timezone string causing calendar import failure.
  • Limit summary and description fields to 57 chars because Google cal import limits size.

Transend Migrator 10.9 (released September 26, 2012)

  • All modules that use http/ftp have been updated to use CURL version 7.26
  • Fix for folder mapping wildcard testing so that "*" by itself works.
  • Added "Data Amt" to migration report (total data in kb)
  • Increased limit of translation table to 150k
  • Added switch /D203 to store registry entries at the machine level.
  • Added support for codepage GB18030 (Chinese).
Lotus Live iNotes:
  • Set TCP keepalive feature so that during ftp uploads, the ftp command channel does not time out.
  • If there is no sender email, set it to "missing@domain.com" so that iNotes import does not have an error.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Fixed problem with uploaded phone numbers not being visible with Outlook.
  • Added switch /EWSARCHS and /EWSARCHT to allow access to archives (source and target).
  • Added /DEDUP capability for address books, calendar and tasks.
  • Retrieve private/not private flag from exported calendar events.
  • Retrieve attendees from exported calendar events.
  • If target folder is "Notes" set message type to "StickyNote".
  • When importing any type of entry, set PR_COMMENT to "via TM" so that /DELETEMSG will work.
  • Support category property when exporting messages.
  • Added switch /D200 to allow "NoSelect" flagged folders to be migrated.
  • Automatically "subscribe" to IMAP folders if we get an error about not being subscribed.
  • When sending AUTHENTICATE PLAIN base64 data, do not insert CR/LF.
  • If calendar, contact, or task entries have an embedded message, process as a binary attachment instead of embedded message, so that it will transfer to target system as an attachment.
  • Log EID value when /EID switch used.
  • Added ability to write to Exchange archive via MAPI.
  • If target folder is "Notes" assume that message is actually "StickyNote" and set color, height, width as appropriate.
  • Added support for /DELETEMSG. Start a conversion with OL as source, and and select folders. Any message previously imported by TM will be deleted.
  • Get rid of breakout attachments when source system is Dutch (already done for English).
  • If target folder is "Notes" set folder class to be sticky note.
Outlook MSG:
  • Get rid of requirement that .msg files be read/write.
Lotus Notes:
  • Do time offset when /UID used.
  • Assume folder names are ISO-8859-1 encoded.
  • Read X-PMFLAGS header to pull out read/unread flag, reply, forwarded. Use Priority header to get priority.
  • Include 2nd, 3rd email address when creating .nab contact file.
  • Extract free/busy flag from calendar entries.
  • Fix crash bug due to oversized comments field.
  • Fixed bug in address book counter for Migration Report.
  • Handle multiple attachments in Sun ics files.
  • Process GAL entries found in LDIF groups.
  • Added switch /D201 to force use of equal sign as delimiter, instead of colon.
  • Fixed problem with missing group entries.
  • Fix crash problem due to oversized Display Name.
  • Allow switch /DE to set which extension is to be considered a mbox file, instead of default of every file.
RFC822 (IMAP, Thunderbird, EML):
  • Increase size of message-id saved to 128 bytes.
  • Added switch /D202 to allow use of full email address as display name (instead of truncating at '@').
  • Fix bug causing invalid html parsing for certain types of messages.
  • Workaround for corrupt RFC-822 data, where boundary is specified but not supplied, causing blank message.
  • Added switch /D204 to cause metadata (sender, subject, date, etc.) to be included within the text or html message section. Useful for creating .mht files via EML. Also causes /maxattachsize to *not* strip any attachment which has a content ID.
ExpressIT Native:
  • Fixed a problem causing this source system to be disabled.
Web (HTML):
  • Fix for /SINGLEHTML.
Bloomberg XML:
  • Change to allow root folder source with no XML files.
  • Modification to avoid invalid error message.
  • Get rid of code that fixes capitalization for /GN.

Transend Migrator 10.8 (released July 3, 2012)

  • When expanding recurring calendar entries, do not create events for deleted dates (i.e. support deleted breakout events).
  • Added Help button to License Key entry screen, added note that /PROXY may be needed, and allow /PROXY to take effect immediately in GUI.
  • When setting a proxy server userid/password, set the authentication method to"any" instead of just "basic".
  • If duplicate checking, log "duplicate found" if debug logging turned on.
  • Do not log value of /PROXY if the user encrypted it.
  • Allow "load file" function in batch data import to accept a file with a single column and no delimiters.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Remove code that converts non-English characters in calendar/task note text into hex codes. Seems to work OK with pure UTF8 but may have issues, since this was definately needed at one point.
  • Fix address book parsing errors on some fields (due to changes in EWS).
  • Added switch /AUTHHTTP to control http authentication method: 1=BASIC (default), 2=DIGEST, 4=GSS, 8=NTLM.
  • Added switch /D198 to disable the "expect: 100-continue" http header, which causes problems with some EWS servers.
  • Modified /PFN switch (specify name of message store) so that when /MAXPST is used, when a .pst switch occurs, Transend Migrator will append a number to the store name to make it unique.
  • Modified tmproc.exe message handling to avoid a crash when /MAXPST causes a .pst file switch.
  • Specify value to /MAXPST in kb instead of bytes, allowing a maxpst value of more than 2 gb.
  • Increase max message size to 4 mb.
Lotus Notes:
  • Fixed a crash bug caused by trying to extract an encrypted embedded object.
  • Fixed incorrect time when creating recurring weekly appointments.
  • Changed meaning of /D41 to match that of Outlook converter, so that switch will specify number of days ahead of run date that recurring entries will be created. Added switch /D196 to specify old meaning of /D41 (maximum # of recurrences).
  • For text parts of imported, embedded messages, leave as UTF8 so that they will display correctly in Notepad.
  • Changed certain error messages to warnings (regarding embedded image conversion).
  • Fixed a crash bug caused by a problem with retrieving embedded images.
  • When updating "unread note" table, use the user id supplied by the end user, rather than that from the supplied .id file (if any).
  • Test source files for certain extensions, such as .mbox or .mbx, and delete from converted folder name.
  • Allow /DE switch to accept a null argument, allowing selection of files with a blank extension.
  • Detect weird Outlook Mac MBOX folder name structure and get rid of trailing .mbox/mbox, .mbox/messages, also skip "table_of_contents" files.
  • Fixed RFC-822 parsing issue related to not decoding certain types of html attachments.
  • Fix RFC-822 parsing to handle embedded image in the primary message part.
  • Fix RFC-822 parsing to handle sequential embedded messages.
  • Fix to detect logon failure with Gmail.
  • Do not try to SSL_Init more than once - avoid AV when doing multiple folder name fetches from GUI.
  • Increase size of buffer used by /IMAPSEARCH to allow more records to be retrieved.
  • When tcp receive errors occur during message download, attempt to reconnect/relogon to server, picking up at same folder/message (switch /D197).
  • Ignore IMAP folders with flag "NoSelect".
  • When exporting calendar entries, if attendee name is the same as the sender, set flag to indicate attendee is organizer.
  • Added support for reminder minutes to calendar, import and export.
  • Added ability to create true meetings during calendar import (i.e. include recipients, organizer).
  • Fix crash problem caused by previous update to allow import of 2nd/3rd email addresses.
  • In address book .nab output, add header bytes to file to indicate UTF8 encoding of data.
  • When creating task and calendar events, put in correct target folder instead of root.
  • Added switch /D199 to allow setting time of exported Reminder Notes.
Lotus Live iNotes:
  • Automatically map "Sent" to "SENT" to force messages into system Sent folder, not create a user folder.
  • Modifications to better support recurring calendar entries and event invitees.
VCS/ICS Calendar:
  • Ignore event title from "VALARM" unless that is the only one in the file.
  • Allow wildcard to be specified for task conversions.
  • Auto-detect UTF8 files without need for /UTF8 switch.
  • Fixes to handle certain types of calendar attachments.
CSV Address book:
  • Auto-detect UTF8 files without need for /UTF8 switch.
  • In .mab address book conversions, handle fields where data is encoded directly into record, instead of pointing to object database.
  • In .mab address book conversion, remove unnecessary first name, last name from extracted distribution list entries.
  • If there are multiple "mail:" values, allow separate processing for up to 3 email addresses.
  • Fix to accurately count number of entries.
  • Fix to get full name of distribution list members.
  • Fix to avoid including extraneous data fields when parsing groups.
Transport File:
  • Set default value of /MAXTRF to 3 gb.

Transend Migrator 10.7 (released April 16, 2012)

  • Updated "Load from e-mail source" button, and "test logon" button so that logon parameters are converted to UTF8.
  • Added switch /D192 <n> to not migrate message unless there are <n> names on the distribution list. Default 2 if no parameter.
  • Added switch /D191 to reverse operation of the /DEDUP switch, specifically, TM will migrate message ONLY IF message is found to already be in the MD5 hash table.
  • Changed error processing so that any "TM Error:" in log file will cause job color to be red in Migration Monitor.
  • Added switch /D180 to convert internet headers to attachments.
  • Fixed bug related to "hidden" configuration fields in the GUI, resulting in bad login information passed to the conversion process.
  • Fixed a problem with the source/target drop-down lists, where the up/down arrows would not operate correctly (would collapse the sections).
  • Adjusted parsing of switches to avoid certain errors.
  • Modified use of /CMDL so that DOS errorlevel will be set to the number of failed migrations (i.e. result will be zero if no errors).
  • Added switches /PREBATCH <file> and /POSTBATCH <file> to specify batch files that will execute before and after each user (single or batch mode). $var substitutions are allowed.
  • Added switch /LM to specify the name of the master log, separate from the process log.
  • When creating zip file to be emailed to tech support, get tcpdump files from correct directory. Also changed default name of zip file to include the name of the .tmd file.
  • Added switch /D185 to convert plain text message parts in to HTML (for better formmating in Lotus Notes).
  • Added switch /D186 to display message counts after each folder in the Folder Convert List.
  • Added "Migration Report Only" output option which sends output to nothing, allowing a test of the source system and generation of reports.
  • Added switch /GMTOFFSET to override value taken from machine.
Exchange Web Services:
  • Fixed error message importing calendar attachment, where attachment is embedded message (by ignoring embedded message attachments).
  • Fixed crash problem caused by corrupt Lotus Notes data.
  • Modified code for EWS source so that items are downloaded in batches of 500, to avoid EWS limit of 1000.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents an IMAP -> EWS conversion.
  • Fixed a calendar parsing bug that could cause a crash.
Lotus Notes:
  • If errors found related to server failure or disconnection, cause job to fail.
  • Fixed character translation of exported tasks.
  • Added memory for mime parsing, to handle extra large html with no line breaks. Also fixed crash problem due to space padding at end of MIME lines.
  • Added switch /D183 <viewname> to specify different view for calendar entries.
  • Modified code that gets total message counts per folder, to account for "dummy" ID records, so that percentage indicator will come out to 100%.
  • Added switch /D187 to create low level Notes rich text instead of plain text email (when message text is pure text, not html).
  • Added switch /LOCATION <value> to filter calendar entry export to a specified location. Used for importing reservation database to Outlook 365.
  • Fixed a problem where TM is falsely identifying "uuencoded" data within a message, and trying to convert normal text into an attachment, resulting in an error message.
MBOX (Thunderbird, IMAP, etc.):
  • Fixed parsing problem of date field.
  • Look for email addresses containing extraneous Groupwise addressing info (from GW IMAP server) and delete.
  • When creating MBOX emails, fixed a problem related to large Chinese display names.
  • Fix code that converts output folder names from UTF-8 to Western European.
  • Fix problem that might cut off last line of message text.
  • Added Second Email field when converting abook.mab files.
  • Added ability to import second and third email addresses in contacts.
  • When importing contacts, if no address book specified, use first personal book, (except frequent contacts).
  • Fixed problem with extraction of HTML from GW internet mail, due to bad formatting.
  • Fixed problem where contact "comments" field would look like all Chinese characters, if the comments data was too large.
  • Modified code that detects GW version to work with version 12. Prevents problem where imported message dates are date of TM run.
  • Added switch /D188 which fixes up incorrectly encoded German characters emitted by GW IMAP server.
  • In contact export, display "percent complete" correctly in case where all address books (*) are being exported.
  • Added de-dup capabilty for address book, calendar and tasks.
GW XML Archive:
  • Fixed parsing bug when message text is empty.
  • Added switch /viatm <yes|no> that filters out non-TM migrated entries, or TM migrated.
  • Added switch /D181 <n> to avoid processing of messages with more than <n> attachments, ONLY IF the output type is .msg. Otherwise, output cut at normal limit of attachments.
  • Added switch /D182 to switch first and last names retrieved from contacts.
  • Added switch /D190 to allow nested distribution lists to be created in Outlook.
  • Fixed retrieval of message store name to handle Unicode.
  • If there is an embedded image called "Untitled Attachment" assume it is a .jpg file.
Google Apps:
  • Added support for calendar, task and address book conversions, to and from.
  • Added support for Gmail target using the Email Migration API, which allows administrator migrations.
  • Reset first and last names to blank when exporting distribution list.
XML (Bloomberg):
  • Fix XML parser to handle "CDATA" - avoid crash.
  • Fixed a problem where output files would not get created if Pegasus folder name had a trailing space.
  • Changed designation of all WorldClient conversion types to include Mdaemon.
  • Fixed a problem where the "View Results" button would not bring up Message Vault.
  • Added Vcard/vcf as an address book output type.
  • Some modifications to support calendar files exported by Kerio.
  • For Mirapoint exports - if there is a single attendee and he is the owner, consider as a normal appointment, not a meeting. Also, fix "uuid" value in attendee name. Also, look at "STATUS" field for "NOTBUSY" to indicate show as free time.
Outlook MSG:
  • Convert database name given from UTF8 into ISO-8859-1 so that search for files will work (with western european file systems only).
  • Modifications to better support embedded messages.

Transend Migrator 10.6 (released February 11, 2012)

  • Added /MAXMSGSIZE to limit over all size of message, even if individual attachments are all under the limit. Only attachments are considered in message size.
  • Fixed a problem where if the email source value was in an Asian language, it would be corrupted during a config file save/reload.
  • Fixed problem with /CALDATE and /TASKDATE where they would not work unless /MSGDATE was also entered.
  • Improved error checking, so that if any "TM Error" (from the log file) happens, a warning message will appear in the "Migration Completed Report" dialog box, and the Migration Report Excel file will have the status of the affected job set to "Errors".
  • Removed "Skipped Entries" from the Migration Report.
  • Added duplicate checking capability for calendar, task, and address books, for source systems Outlook and Lotus Notes.
  • Fixed problem with recognition of dongle license in 10.x.
  • Re-write of recurring calendar code for all supported systems.
  • Fixed a problem with the Monitor window showing a zero data rate after 1 hour.
  • When the "Load Folders from Email" button is pushed, if the source email system specifications has $vars defined, get them from the first line of batch data.
  • Increase maximum # of folders that can be converted to 20k
  • Added "Test" button to email configuration screen, to make sure configured variables work (same effect as "Load Folders" for source system).
  • For FV licenses, allow up to 5 simultaneous conversions.
Hosted Exchange:
  • Added switches /AUTHEWSI2 and /AUTHEWSD2 to allow for 2nd system authenication when converting EWS -> EWS.
  • Fixed problem with delivered date of messages.
  • Fixed problem with invalid attachment and message counts displayed in GUI.
  • Added Office 365 and Rackspace as source systems, using EWS (Exchange Web Services) protocol.
  • Added Office 365 and Rackspace as target systems for email, address book, calendar and tasks.
  • Allow TM to handle dollar character found in folder names.
  • Increase max folders to 30,000.
  • Fixed problem with folder name characters extracted from .msf index file.
Lotus Notes:
  • If "Principal" field (used for sender name) happens to be an underscore, do not use that field.
  • For DiscoverReady, added switch /D178 to force task percentage to be 0.
  • When exporting meeting entries, retrieve attendee required/optional status.
  • If "All Documents" is selected for conversion, process that folder last, so that when /DEDUP is used, this picks up left over items only.
  • Added switch /ALLDOCS, which forces "All Documents" to be convertd, regardless if it is in the folder convert list, or if /showviews is used.
  • Don't produce error message when no Notes distribution lists found.
  • Fixed a problem that might prevent export of embedded images.
  • Fixed AV caused by corrupt calendar data.
  • Fixed a problem with retrieving the status of exported tasks.
  • If exported message has "Principal" field, use as sender name. We are already doing this, except skipping if sender is "CN=". Now, extract out correct name.
  • Updated address book code to reformat the display name - i.e. remove CN= formatting.
  • Pick up "Tags" from Zimbra flags field and convert to TM Categories, to be imported by Outlook.
  • If the tcp connection to the server fails, do not allow "keepalive" messages to be sent to the TM GUI (so that it will eventually fail a stalled job).
  • Added password encryption capability to /PROXYAUTH.
  • Fixed a crash due to extra long folder names.
  • Removed 40 character folder limit for Gmail.
  • Fixed an AV that happens if you load folders in the GUI, switch to another source system, then go back to IMAP and try to load folders again.
  • Fixed a crash bug importing message with very long internet message Id.
  • Allow meeting attendees to be set as required or optional.
  • Allow imported messages to contain categories.
  • Fixed problem with importing more than one category.
  • Increased max number of folders handled to 10,000.
  • Some changes to imported recurring calendar entry logic to fix times.
  • Increased number of folders handled to 25,000.
  • Added ability to create recurring task entries (from ics/vcs).
  • If CreateMessage fails due to network error, retry 3 times before abort.
  • Fixed a bug that limited the number of breakout dates in recurring calendar entries imported into Outlook.
  • When parsing html part, and including <meta> data for codepage information, include <html> tag so certain email clients (Eudora) will operate correctly.
  • Character conversion issue fix for Thai, Korean codepages.
  • Fixed an AV problem caused by parsing the distribution list.
  • Added switch /D177 to allow TM to scan text messages looking for UU-Encoded attachments. Some performance degradation.
  • Fixed a crash problem caused by invalid escape characters found in message headers.
  • Fixed a problem decoding Base64 text and html in Russian and Japanese.
  • Fixed problem with /MSGDELIM not working.
  • Allow "Message Sent:" header to be processed for date field.
  • Allow /CHARSET <charset> to indicate default character set if not already specified in RFC-822 data.
  • When subject logging selected, log it even if blank or missing.
  • Fixed an AV problem related to parsing corrupt RFC-822 data.
Outlook MSG:
  • Added some logging to better diagnose a problem reading .msg files. Also accurately report skipped .msg files.
Outlook Express:
  • When reading folder names direct (/OED) assume filenames are encoded ISO-8859-1.
  • When creating messages, adjust time by 1 hour in DST to compensate for invalid Eudora handling of date/time.
SQL Server:
  • Changed the way that embedded message entries set the "Sequence Number" (done for TX).
GroupWise XML Archive:
  • Fixed a problem where /DEDUP could cause an infinite loop.
  • Allow more flexibility in structure of XML directories, to handle case of "xml" directory being present or not.
  • Fixed a crash problem with writing task entries.
  • Parse "Transp:" keyword to pick up whether event should be shown as free or busy.
  • Fixed various parsing problems related to recurring events, giving invalid results in Outlook.
  • changed parsing of RRULE so that BYSETPOS keyword is ignored for bymonthday type events.
  • Add ability to process certain types of entries exported by Sun calendar server.
  • Fixed a problem caused by long XML distribution lists.
  • Assume source data is ISO-8859-1 (Western European). WAB does not seem to support Unicode. Will not work with Asian, etc.
XML (Bloomberg):
  • Do not process "chats" (Conversations) by default - require use of /CHAT switch. Also correctly count messages when source xml is Unicode.

Transend Migrator 10.5 (released November 12, 2011)

  • Fixed problem with /CALDATE and /TASKDATE where they would not work unless /MSGDATE was also entered.
  • Improved error checking, so that if any "TM Error" (from the log file) happens, a warning message will appear in the "Migration Completed Report" dialog box, and the Migration Report Excel file will have the status of the affected job set to "Errors".
  • Added duplicate checking capability for calendar, task, and address books, for source systems Outlook and Lotus Notes.
Hosted Exchange:
  • Added Office 365 and Rackspace as source systems, using EWS (Exchange Web Services) protocol.
  • Allow imported messages to contain categories.
  • Fixed problem with importing more than one category.
  • When creating messages, adjust time by 1 hour in DST to compensate for invalid Eudora handling of date/time.
  • Allow Transend Migrator to handle dollar character found in folder names.
  • When parsing html part, and including <meta> data for codepage information, include <html> tag so certain email clients (Eudora) will operate correctly.
  • Character conversion issue fix for Thai, Korean codepages.
  • Pick up "Tags" from Zimbra flags field and convert to Transend Migrator Categories, to be imported by Outlook.
  • If the tcp connection to the server fails, do not allow "keepalive" messages to be sent to the Transend Migrator GUI (so that it will eventually fail a stalled job

Transend Migrator 10.4 (released October 7, 2011)

  • Added new flag bit to /cmdl parameter: bit 2, if set, will cause TM to not display the migration monitor screen in batch mode.
  • Added wildcard processing to folder mapping, e.g. Inbox* -> New Inbox Name allows subfolders of Inbox to show up as subfolders of New Inbox Name.
  • For any source system where Transend Migrator currently do not show calendar, tasks, contacts, etc. in the email list, the switch /D100 will disable this behavior, i.e. show calendar as an email folder.
  • Fixed problem with "Clear data" button in Address Translation Table, also, ignore tabs if found in imported .csv files.
  • Fixed a problem in the GUI where a conversion type would remain enabled, even after setting convert-from or convert-to option to "Please Select".
  • Added switch /D172 which will cause Transend Migrator not to convert any folders with 0 messages.
  • Added switch /UNINSTALL to have Transend Migrator remove registry entries related to the LK. Also updated installers so that when the user uninstalls via the Control Panel, this will happen automatically.
  • Added switch /D173, which tells Transend Migrator to skip the message export, but create empty folders in the target system. For now this supports only Notes as a source system.
  • Prevent messages with empty text from generating the "attachment removed because of zero length" replacement message.
  • Make Organizer property subject to address translation.
  • Make parameter values in Migration Options be stored in UTF8 format.
Lotus Notes:
  • Fixed crash problem due to large html message part.
  • Check validity of recurring entries, if end date > start date, convert to daily with exceptions.
  • Fixed Transend Migrator failing to do email translation of Notes contacts, if the contact already has an email address.
  • Fixed problem with missing attachments when importing address book entries.
  • Change logic regarding setting calendar free time variables $BusyPriority and BookFreeTime, to accurately import correct setting for "busy".
  • When importing email, set the "Importance" property based on the priority of the source message.
  • When importing calendar entries, do not set $PublicAccess if marked as private.
  • Change creation of recurring entries to correctly handle case where an end-date is specified, rather than a number of occurences.
  • If message marked as "Private", set new property "MigrationPrivate" = 1.
  • Fixed a problem with repeating task entries, where the task title on entries past the first would be corrupt, and also attachments would be missing.
  • If converting calendar entries from a Reservation form, use a different property to obtain the event title.
  • Specify LZ compression for attachments when importing messages.
  • When exporting calendar and task entries expanded (i.e. without /D127) honor /D41 switch to limit number of recurring entries.
  • Fixed a parsing problem of MIME messages causing a crash.
  • If writing to Drafts folder, do not set PostedDate, which allows message to go to real Drafts folder.
  • Fixed crash problem due to large attachname names.
  • - Fixed crash problem related to importing Outlook "notes".
  • Add PR_ENTRY_ID property to calendar attendee data, so that right clicking on an invitee brings up options.
  • Fixed problem where TM gets email address from display name when it should not.
  • Fixed crash when trying to parse inbound HTML for character set.
  • When doing folder mapping into Outlook, if the target folder name begins with "Root\" then the target folder is created in the root of the message store, regardless of the state of the /GN switch.
  • Fixed problem with importing tasks from OST/non-MAPI.
  • When exporting calendar entries, check message class to make sure they are appointment or schedule requests, so that TM can convert the inbox and only pick up appointment requests.
  • When creating Calendar, Contact or Task folders, and parsing the hierarchy delimiter, if a folder level name equals that entered by the /GN switch, do not change the folder type.
  • Added switch /D171, when importing messages, exclude any bcc recipients.
  • Fixed algorithm that expands recurring calendar entries, so that the case where an end-date is specified (rather than # of occurrences) will work.
  • Added switch /D174, to exlude null properties from .msg file when exporting to that format.
  • Fixed a character conversion issue with calendar invitee names.
  • Fixed a problem with creating all-day, recurring yearly appointments.
  • Fixed crash when /UNID is used and data too large.
  • Do not allow contacts, calendar, or task folders to appear in email folder list.
  • When reading, handle objectclass "inetOrgPerson" in example given by IBM.
  • Fixed a problem creating EML files with extra long file names.
  • Fixed a problem with locating the default folder location, causing a crash.
MBOX (Thunderbird/IMAP):
  • Added switch /D167 which will put HTML message parts into Base64 encoded format, which may help some clients and IMAP servers work correctly.
  • Modification to the way TM gets character set name for HTML segment, to avoid character conversion issues.
  • Fixed another character conversion issue.
  • Fixed encoding problem when data contains an equal sign or question mark, also updated method of encoding UTF-8 characters to work with more web clients.
  • Changed way of creating RFC-822 with regard to text parts - do not include them if HTML is present, unless /D169 is used. Old way, user was seeing both text and HTML.
  • Added switch /D170 which uses a method of evaluating the message time that matches certain email clients, so that TM converted times will be the same as what customers think they should be (but inaccurate).
  • When reading MBOX files, changed code that detects delimiters to avoid situation where delimiter is embedded in message text, by looking for a timestamp also in the delimiter.
  • Various changes to method used to encode MIME data, to better support Zimbra.
  • When uploading large file to IMAP server, send keep-alive packet to GUI every 30 seconds to make sure TM does not time out.
  • Added /D168 switch to remove underscores from folder names migrated into IMAP.
  • Added support for picking up the "$Forwarded" flag in systems that support it (so far just found with Oracle).
  • Modified protocol for getting IMAP delimiter character, to avoid problem with defective GW IMAP server.
ICS/VCS Calendar:
  • If display name of calendar invitee contains an email address inside < >, break it out into separate property, and normalize display name.
  • When creating entry, if event is "all day" use special syntax for Date field to indicate all day.
  • Do not allow contacts, calendar, or task folders to appear in email folder list.
  • Added check for invalid Expanded Recipient list.
  • Skip GW forwarded message if the date is invalid, on the assumption that the remaining message data is corrupt and will cause AV.
  • Fixed problem detecting GW all-day event.
  • Retrieve priority property from calendar entries.
  • When /D127 is use (true recurring calendar entries) set a special flag for use by the Notes importer, so that it will be created as a Notes "custom" recurring entry.
  • Read property "Private" from messages and set flag for use by Lotus Notes.
  • On output, fixed a bug caused by long html lines.
Transport File:
  • Do not allow contacts, calendar, or task folders to appear in email folder list.
  • Made changes to other modules that make .trf files made with TM versions previous to this un-readable - must convert or use old version of TM on such .trf files.

Transend Migrator 10.3 (released July 30, 2011)

  • Added "Email Log Files" function to help menu. Creates zip file of log files and creates a message using the default email client. (user must manually attach zip file).
  • Changed MD5 hash to include seconds when hashing date. Also addedvalue 'U' to de-duping options (/D56) to include unqiue message id. Updated code so that by default, md5.dat file is placed in Transend data directory.
  • When logging in html format, if line has special characters: & < > " then substitute special html tags to preserve formatting.
  • Fixed a problem with the translation table lookup making incorrect matches in some cases.
  • Updated "Load File" function in GUI (Folder Map, etc.) to be able to read from UTF8 encoded files as well as standard ISO-8859-1 encoding.
  • Modified GUI to accept UTF-8 .tmd file containing BOM markers.
  • Modified GUI to allow Unicode characters in configuration fields (instead of just folder names).
  • Switch /D164 fixes up corrupt ISO-8859-8-i (Hebrew) data exported by GW IMAP
  • Fixed problem in Migration report where totals line not starting on correct column, also some formatting issues related to failed jobs.
  • Added switch /D165 to write MD5 hash file in real time, rather than at end of program.
  • Fixed a problem with the sender name translation table lookup.
Lotus Notes:
  • Correctly create Notes recurring weekly appointment with an interval of more than 1 week.
  • Fixed some parsing problems in Notes MIME messages causing AV.
  • Added ability to extract Notes Trash folder.
  • Make "Shared Folders" checkbox enabled by default.
  • Handle time zone offset values that are not a multiple of 1 hour, e.g. 5 hours 30 minutes.
  • Fix problem where Notes date property "DeliveredDate" was being skipped, following import of "Sent" folder (which does not use that property).
  • Changed logic of /USEADDR somewhat - if email address appears to be Exchange X.500 format (OU=...) then do not insert email address, just use the display name.
  • Changed default names of certain Notes standard folders to match Outlook, so that no folder mapping is necessary: Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Junk E-mail.
  • Fixed problem of not extracting full file name from MIME, causing AV in decoding routine.
  • When setting codepage for HTML, use charset variable from actual HTML part instead of message headers, unless there is no data available in the message part.
  • When reading recurring calendar entries, use view $Meetings instead of $All, to avoid visiting every email in the DB looking for recurring entries.
  • Fixed crash problem when encountering recurring calendar entry with a "Repeat For" value of 0. Treat as ordinary calendar entry.
  • When writing calendar entries, set "ExcludeFromView" properties for all types of events, so that they do not show up in Drafts.
  • Fix problem with added recurring cal entry, where last date in list was corrupt.
  • Adjusted mechanism for setting busy/freetime variables to be more accurate.
  • Added switch /D166 to suppress text attachments in embedded messages.
  • Some changes to retrieving date variables from recurring calendar entries.
  • If Outlook message has no codepage property set, assume default ISO-8859-1(Western European).
  • Fixed problem in identifying unicode encoding of distribution list members.
  • When creating a profile for a .pst file, do not include the MAPI properties for a password, unless a password is supplied. Incuding those properties seems to cause a MAPI failure in some versions. Also, the switch /NOPRPW will force this behavior, regardless of whether a password is given or not (and it also makes the password prompt not appear in the GUI).
  • Store Keywords (Categories) in Unicode to support non-English languages.
  • Detect "Meeting Request" entries in email folders, and when found, prepend a paragraph noting that the request could not be converted, and include information about the event.
  • Use alternate method of determining default calendar, task, contacts folder name, if original method fails.
  • Fixed problem importing weekly recurring calendar entries where start time (GMT) was over midnight.
RFC-822 Parser (IMAP, Thunderbird, etc.):
  • Modification to character decoding routines to fix a failure in some cases.
  • Added /D163 to LDIF parser, which will cause TM to extract the email address as anything inside < > characters.
VCF file:
  • Handle Unix line terminators. Also deal with terminating semicolon in first name.
World Client Calendar:
  • Fix Standard/Daylight time problem when converting recurring entries.
  • Fix problem with not picking up the corrent end date for recurring entries.
  • Fix problem with extracting non-English folder names from index file.
  • Modify message counter code to correctly count number of messages in Eudora Mac files.
  • Fixed decoding problem with folder containing "&" from server that was not escaping special character correctly.
ICS/VCS Calendar:
  • Added switch /D159 <value> to identify the name or email address of the person for whom a batch of vcs/ics files have been exported, in order to set the meeting owner flag correctly in Outlook.
  • In conjunction with /D159, /D161 will reject any calendar entry that does not match the owner.
  • Added switch /D160 <product id> to limit entries to those that have a specified product id (PRODID).
  • Added ability to process wild card spec (e.g. *.vcs) when converting vcs/ics.
  • Fixed AV problem caused by too large description field.
  • Assume input is ISO-8859-1 (European).  /UTF8 assumes UTF-8 encoding.
  • Do not set artifical due date (1 year plus) for tasks.
  • Various fixes to extract correct start/end dates in some cases.
  • Keep Organizer email in separate property from name, make email subject to address translation.
  • Convert import file name from UTF8 to ISO-88559-1 (Western European) prior to attempting to open file.
  • If the owner is specified via /D159, and one of the attendees is that owner, and has declined, then skip over that appointment.
  • Ignore the "Summary" field found inside VALARM section of calendar entry.
  • Process "VGROUP" entries in VCF files.
  • When creating entries, put email address into "Attendee" if present.
  • Fixed a problem detecting date in ics/vcs as being "zulu" (GMT).
  • Support "RRULE" (recurring calendar entries) when writing.
  • Modifications to fieldlab.dat processing (field labels for imported .csv files).
  • Modifications to GW parser to better extract character set information from HTML.
  • Fix for AV happening with corrupted attachment name.
  • Modifications to code that extracts internet email address from combo GW Domain/internet address.
  • If GW account has two "Sent Items" folders, no longer skip the second one, because it was interfering with folder numbers.
GroupWise XML Archive:
  • Added support for /D144 (process all non-email messages). Also bug fix related to failure to close certain open files.
Eudora Address Book:
  • Fix problem in parsing of groups delimited by semicolons, also handle corrupt group.
  • Fix AV problem caused by long file name.
Transport File:
  • Fix problem where exporting from .trf, the root folder name is blank.

Transend Migrator 10.2 (released May 17, 2011)

  • Increase number of convert-from/convert-to options visible in drop-down lists from 8 to 16.
  • Changed order of all drop-down selections, and changed some of their labels.
  • Added "Google Apps (Gmail)" to source and target email, which maps to IMAP, but brings up correct default server name with ;993 port number.
  • Added "Other Systems..." as last element in all drop down lists, which will bring up a special help section when selected.
  • Restored /SENT functionality to several conversion targets.
  • Added /D155 to automatically use /SENT behavior, if folder name is "Sent" or "Sent Items".
  • Fixed problem with /RL (reverse logon) where Address Book, Calendar, Task migrations were using Email configuration variables.
  • Started generic "skip subjects" feature, using /skipsubs. Applies only to Notes at this time.
Lotus Notes:
  • Fixed AV problem caused by importing calendar entry with comments > 16k.
  • Added $RefOptions property to recurring calendar entry to avoid error message when rescheduling.
  • Fixed crash problem on exporting address book entries with corrupt fullname field.
  • When exporting Address Book, if "PersPager" field present (actually personal cellphone) put into "Other phone" field in Outlook.
  • When exporting calendar entries, enter a warning message in the log if a recurring calendar entry has breakout entries (warning that breakouts are not converted). Also list new start/end time if applicable, and deleted entries.
  • Fix code that detects whether distribution list members' name/email is Unicode.
Outlook MSG:
  • Fixed bug causing messages in subfolders to not be converted.
World Client:
  • Fixed crash bug in conversion of .mrk calendar files.
  • Insert '+' in front of timezone field (if appropriate) in Date, to avoid Pegasus bug that causes problem parsing correct year.
  • For folder names, convert modified UTF7 to standard UTF7 prior to converting to UTF8 (character conversion issue).
  • Honor the /NOINVENTORY switch, so that we can eliminate time wasting inventory function. Also, when inventory is performed, send keep alive packet every 30 seconds to avoid GUI timing out.
  • Allow for source folders that contain quotes.
  • Fixed problem where Unix Netscape index files were causing TM to incorrectly parse out the folder name.
  • Fixed character conversion problem with European source file names with no corresponding .msf file to get actual file name.
  • If message has text part that is coded as an attachment, make sure it is imported as an attachment, not combined with other text parts.
  • New switch /D157: require that files begin with "INBOX". Anything after that prefix, assume to be a top level folder. Consider a period to be a hierarchy delimiter.
  • Make "root" the default target folder name instead of "MBOX Folders" (to be consistent with other source systems).
  • Added new convert-from option on email to support XML files exported by Messaging Architects.
  • Fixed problem preventing any import into GW calendar.
  • Added switch /D156 to skip query folders when exporting folders.
  • Allow "Birthday" field name to be modified by /D112.
RFC-822 Clients (Thunderbird, MBOX, IMAP...):
  • Fixed parsing problem that would sometimes cause attachments to be skipped.
Text PDF:
  • Fixed AV problem in certain conditions.
  • Added switch /PDFL <n-n-n-n> to alter default number of lines per page, line height, start text position, line adjustment.
  • Adjust for daylight savings time when creating file names with /D75.
  • Added switch /NOEXHTM to suppress handling of HTML attachments.
Forensic Edition:
  • Updated TFSearch to work with TM 10.x and put into build.

Transend Migrator 10.1 (released March 28, 2011)

  • Added "To Database/User" column to Migration Report, and changed previous fields to "From Database/User".
  • Made certain that all date range checks are logged when an out of range date is found.
  • Fixed problem with Translation Table that might cause Access Violation.
  • Updated Translation Table code so that Transend Migrator will look up address book entry name, if no email address is found.
  • Fixed TT lookup so that embedded commas do not cause a problem.
  • Updated batch data editor so that if a value is larger than the column size, Transend Migrator will display a partial string (followed by ...) instead of truncating after the first space.
  • Added switch /D154 which changes the behavior of the "Load from E-Mail Source" button, so that all folders will come up un-checked by default.
  • Changed default behavior of master log, so that it will get re-initialized on start-up of Transend Migrator, unless the /LAP switch overrides.
  • Switch /DPW (display passwords) is replaced with /HPW (Hide Passwords). Passwords are displayed in clear text unless /HPW is enabled.
  • Fixed "Load From E-Mail Source" function so that if the check box variable (e.g. 'Use GW Archive') is checked, it is not ignored.
  • Added an option parameter value to /CMDL, that controls whether or not Transend Migrator migrates all users regardless of the "migrated" flag, and also whether ransend Migrator saves the "migrated" flag to the .tmd file.
  • Added horizontal scroll bar to Custom Options | View Enabled Options screen.
  • Extended /EAA switch to allow email address algorithm to extract first, middle, last name from a general display name.
  • Fixed a problem where selecting "File | New Configuration" would not clear custom options values.
  • Abandoned setting of .msi installation file that allows side-by-side installs (i.e. we are now requiring an un-install of any existing Transend Migrator version). This was done because we have run into situations where customers have patches that do not uninstall, and we end up with a partial re-installation.
Lotus Notes:
  • Fix bug where importing message with a sub-message, top level message text was ignored.
  • If message has Enterprise Vault properties, convert into required MAPI properties, so that Enterprise Vault migration routine will work.
  • If user specifies /NOTESINI, make sure file actually exists before using for Notes initialization, or Access Violation will happen.
  • Fixed problem with certain Russian characters..
  • Added support for more phone and email fields when exporting address book.
  • Added switch /D152 to *not* auto-create task due dates 1 year (if empty).
  • Fixed problem when converting non-English chars in cal or task notes.
  • Fixed /SHOWVIEWS so that Mail Threads will show up in folder list.
  • Fixed a bug where processing embedded messages did not close a file handle, eventually resulting in conversion errors.
  • If the user tries to import an email folder with the same name as the MAPI calendar, contact, or task folder name, append "(Imported)" to the new folder, to distinguish it from the built in folders.
  • Fixed bug where specification of calendar name when creating calendar entries was ignored (and placed in contacts folder).
  • When specifying a calendar, contacts, or task folder name, allow slash character to be considered a folder delimiter (if actual slash is desired in folder name, use two slashes).
  • Accommodate .pst files made by 3rd party which contain html segment in "unicode" format (but containing embedded nulls). Fixes apparent empty message body problem.
  • Fixed a bug where if Transend Migrator is skipping public folders (the default) and that message store occurs between other valid message stores, the folders subsequent to the public folders cannot be converted..
  • Fixed address book import of NameTitle, birthday, and anniversary.
  • Set Reminder-Time when importing task entries (only VCS/ICS supports setting this field at this time).
  • Updated logic of setting meeting status of imported calendar entries, so that a "meeting" is identified by having multiple attendees, and if the user is the owner (organizer) set status as appropriate so that correct control buttons are visible in Outlook.
  • When exporting calendar entries, if a recipient has an SMTP address, extract that instead of the internal DN address.
Outlook MSG:
  • Fixed bug causing Access Violation when converting rtf to html.
  • Fixed bug preventing any NAB conversion at all.
  • Modified reader to automatically detect mac .mbx files, so that /D69 should not be needed.
  • Removed code that disables ability to convert IMAP folders beginning with '#' character (shared folders). Customers can use the exclusion table for this purpose.
  • During long downloads, send a keep alive packet every 30 seconds to the GUI so that it will not time out.
  • Fixed percentage complete calculation if deleted messages are skipped.
  • If a connection to port 143 (unsecure) fails, automatically re-try, using /SSL port 993. Also if host system is gmail.com or yahoo.com, automatically use /SSL, unless user specified a different port.
  • Added Internet ID to properties extracted (if present).
Internet Clients (IMAP, Thunderbird, MBOX, other internet clients):
  • Fixed problem with alternate date parsing when original date is in invalid, also fixed date parsing where a space is missing after the day name.
  • Fixed problem with decoding of message subjects.
  • Fixed problem that could cause some attachments to be skipped.
  • When an HTML part does not have a MIME charset assigned, read through it looking for charset within the HTML "META" tag.
VCS/ICS Calendar File:
  • Changed format of Description field to be plain text, duplicating what Outlook produces, in order to work with Google import. Quoted-Printable format is removed (unsure of effect on other ics importers).
  • Handle parsing of Reminder-Time for VALARMs embedded within calendars and tasks.
  • Count skipped entries to maintain correct percentage indicator in GUI.
  • Fixed bug causing Access Violation when incorrectly coded # type character found in headers.
WorldData (.mrk files):
  • Set Transend Migrator's "Category" field to the name of the .mrk file, so that when viewed in Outlook, user can sort different input files by category/name.
Address Book (.csv files):
  • Added switch /D153 to change output format so that it includes only the name and email address, without quotes or headers. This format can be imported to the Translation Table. The intent of this switch is to use to convert the Lotus Notes global names.nsf file.

Transend Migrator 10.0 (released February 15, 2011)

Completely New User Interface:
  • Replacement of "wizard" interface with a more integrated view of convert-to and convert-from options.
  • All conversions (email, address book, calendar, tasks) can be done in a single pass.
  • The same interface is used for both single user converions and batch conversions.
  • All previously external tables (address translation, folder mapping, folder include/exclude list, batch mode data), can be edited within the main interface.
  • Multiple configuration files can be maintained. Configuration files store all migration options and batch data.
  • Tracking of failed/succeeded migrations, with restart capability.
  • More comprehensive editing of program options (switches), with search capabilty and better in-program usage documentation.
  • Migration operation is displayed in real-time via a Migration Monitor screen, with abort capability.
  • Migrations can be scheduled, with intermediate pause/resume ability.
  • Batch migrations can run simultaneously, up to 5 at a time, depending on licensing.
  • Log files are available in plain text or HTML (with errors highlighted).
  • A migration report in Excel (.xml) format is produced listing migration statistics, with optional detail on folder names/counts.
  • The help system is revised to be more useful and comprehensive.
Lotus Notes:
  • If a list name begins with "CN=" skip over that part in the name.
  • Reverse 9.5 change that removes mime001.txt.
  • Support categories when exporting tasks, calendar from Notes->Outlook.
  • Fixed problem that would cause RTF->HTML conversions to stop working in the middle of a conversion.
  • Added support for more phone and email fields when exporting address book.
  • Added switch /D152 to *not* auto-create task due dates 1 year (if empty).
  • Fixed problem when converting non-English chars in cal or task notes.
  • Do not log password unless /DPW is used.
  • Compare CHAIR with default Notes user to decide if calendar entry is allowed ownership status (for Outlook as target).
  • Fixed crash problem when importing long folder names.
  • Fix AV problem when importing message with embedded image with very large name.
  • In task import, handle Unicode titles/message text.
  • Fix encoding problem with shift_jis character set (Japanese).
  • Fix failure to find fields when .nab address book header contains properties with 1F type ids instead of expected 1E.
  • When exporting address book, if "Fax Number" field is blank, check "Office Fax Number".
  • Fixed an access violation when exporting address book caused by a corrupt nndbase.txt file .
  • Changes to support Hewbrew folder names encoded in UTF-16.
  • Increase allowed size of results from IMAP SEARCH command.
  • Fix access violation problem caused by long subject, also if blank message and subject is long, copy subject to message part.
  • Added switches /AUTHPLAIN2 /PROXYAUTH2 /AUTHEXCHANGE2 to be use by target IMAP system, in case where both source and target are IMAP.
  • Fixed problem where some imap servers could not handle empty flag list.
  • Fixed stack overflow caused by too many nested messages (by limiting to 250).
ODBC (SQL Server):
  • Fixed problem causing memory leak.
Internet Clients (IMAP, Thunderbird, MBOX, other internet clients):
  • Fixed parsing problem with Asian emails that could cause missing attachments.
VCS/ICS Calendar File:
  • Modified parsing of Priority field..
VCF Address book:
  • Fix problem with parsing comments field, also added several new fields.
Thunderbird Address Books (.mab):
  • Fixed problem where entries with no email address were being skipped.
  • Modification to recognize Oracle created LDIFs.

Release Notes of prior versions of Transend Migrator can be obtained by contacting us.


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