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User Interface Overview

  • Basic Overview (1593755880) - A quick introduction of the user interface and different features contained within Transend Migrator.

Single User Migrations

  • Migrating Email (1593739920) - Brief overview of how to configure source and target systems and then perform the migration of Email (including folders and attachments) for a single user mailbox.
  • Migrating Address Books (1593738840) - Brief overview of how to configure source and target systems and then perform the migration of Address Books for a single user mailbox.
  • Migrating Calendars (1593739500) - Brief overview of how to configure source and target systems and then perform the migration of Calendars for a single user mailbox.
  • Migrating Task/To Do Items (1593739020) - Brief overview of how to configure source and target systems and then perform the migration of Task/To Do items for a single user mailbox.

Batch Migrations

  • Configuring Batch Migration with Variables (1593748500) - Users can quickly and easily configure and perform a batch migration all within the same interface. It’s as easy as simply applying variables to the source and target account configurations by importing a file with user mailbox information prior to executing a batch migration.
  • How to Populate Batch Data Table (1593748320) - Defining batch variables allows users to quickly and easily migrate multiple accounts at once from a central location.

Migration Options

  • Folder Convert List (1593744960) - Overview of how to migrate email folders. Users can elect to migrate all folders in the source account, or to pick and choose only select folders to migrate.
  • Folder Exclude List (1593742980) - Overview of how to exclude certain email folders from migration.
  • Folder Mapping (1593747660) - Overview of how to map a folder with a certain name in the source system to a different name in the target system.
  • Address Translation (1593742080) - Transend Migrator contains a Translation Table which allows users to migrate data from an email address in the source system into a mailbox with a different email address in the target system.
  • Schedule Migration (1593741180) - Administrators or end users may schedule a migration to begin at a later time by setting a defined start time on the Migration Schedule screen. Users may also pause and resume a migration.
  • Setting Custom Options (1593747360) - Transend Migrator contains hundreds of Custom Options that allow its default behavior to be altered. General options and email system-specific options allow customization to any particular migration scenario. The “Search” box allows users to find switches they seek, but aren’t aware of the name. Some of the more popular Custom Options are discussed.

Saving Configurations

  • Saving Configurations (1593743340) - An overview of how to save your settings into a TMD configuration file. This is helpful when users reopen Transend Migrator they won’t have to input all their settings again. It’s most commonly used when running Transend Migrator on multiple workstations or when writing a script via command line.

Increasing Migration Throughput

  • Concurrent Migrations (1593740700) - An overview of the Migration Monitor that displays the real-time status of all user mailboxes as they are migrated. The Migration Monitor is a multi-threaded process, which means that multiple accounts can be migrated at the same time to increase migration throughput.

Command Line Processing

Reporting & Logging

  • Reporting & Logging (1593750900) - Migration reports in XML format will be created after each run, and they can be viewed and saved with Microsoft Excel. Transend Migrator will create a master log file that contains detailed information about the migration session. User specific log files will also be created that contain detailed information about a specific user migration, including errors that may have occurred.


Transend is the leading provider of email migration software for all email migration scenarios. Whether you are migrating from Domino to Exchange or Notes to Exchange, Transend can support your email conversion. Transend also supports migrating local data, such as Notes to Outlook or Notes to Office 365. Many customers are migrating email from their old GroupWise platforms, with popular scenarios being GroupWise to Exchange and GroupWise to Office 365. With cloud computing becoming more popular, we’re seeing more common cloud-based email migration scenarios being GroupWise to Office 365, Notes to Office 365 and Domino to Office 365. Google’s messaging platforms are also popular targets, with more customers converting from GroupWise to G Suite, Notes to G Suite and Exchange to G Suite. Transend Migrator is also the leading email converter for file-based email data, supporting popular email conversion scenarios such as OST to PST, NSF to PST and MBOX to PST. For more information, please Contact Us.

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Note: Transend Migrator does not support Outlook 2013 OST files. However, 2010 and prior versions of Outlook OST files are supported.

All versions of Outlook PST are supported.