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Customer Comments

I have been an administrator of Notes Domino and SmartCloud users for sometime. With my concerns about the transition from IBM to HCL, we decided it was time to migrate to Microsoft Office 365.  After researching many companies to help with the migration I finally chose Transend.

From day one Transend’s team of experts made me feel comfortable and confident that this task would be handled timely and efficiently. Additionally, this migration was being performed during the Covid-19 pandemic!

We had many moving parts beyond the core migration, including DNS configuration, our AS400 emailing invoices, and resources integrated within the Domino mail platform. Transend’s team was able to navigate through all the issues that popped up along the way, and the project was carried out timely, efficiently and successfully!

Transend was definitely the right team for this task.  I recommend them with two enthusiastic thumbs up!

With limited internal IT resources, we wanted to work with someone who had significant hands-on migration services experience. Transend was highly educated with G Suite to Office 365 and O365 tenant-to-tenant migrations which made us feel comfortable working with them.  Overall, the project went well from start to finish and we would be more than happy to work with them again.  They delivered a “white glove” migration services experience.  Thank you Transend!

Transend’s engineers were extremely patient with me while I dealt with internal technical problems.  Thankfully, the migration to Exchange went very well and exceeded our expectations.  Again, THANK YOU!

Had we tried to perform this migration ourselves it most certainly would not have been as successful, or completed on time, as we experienced with Transend doing it for us. The expertise and knowledge of Transend’s engineers provided our migration project with a high level of confidence, while data integrity was maintained completely. Moving to a new piece of business critical software can be a frustrating experience for users, however our users experienced no migration-related issues or downtime whatsoever, which allowed our internal IT resources to focus on training and bringing our user base quickly up to speed.

Transend turned a project that was highly scrutinized by management into one completed with complete and absolute success!   I told management that there is no other vendor to be considered when we need to perform our next migration due to a merger or acquisition. Transend migrates all mail systems and WILL be the tool we use going forward.

The migration process with Transend was much easier and less stressful than I expected it to be. Our dedicated Transend services engineer (Mike) was very clear on the initial process and prior to each phase as we walked us through details while indicating next steps.  He communicated very well.  He called when requested and answered all my questions, even those that I am sure were text book for him.  I would recommend Transend to anyone who was considering this process.

Working with Transend on our migration project was a pleasure.  Communication was great, and the work they performed was extremely thorough.  I would not hesitate to recommend Transend’s services!

Transend’s professional services team migrated our legacy Kerio email system to Office 365.  They were adaptable to our initial requirements of a phased approach since we wanted to minimize downtime for our users located in different global regions.  Transend was readily available to answer questions and make recommendations as we were preparing for this project.  Transend understands the importance of data fidelity and they made sure that they validated pilot and test results prior to running production.  This preparation played a key role in flushing out errors on the front end and completing the project successfully. Midway through the project we experienced some issues with our legacy Kerio server that required us to expedite the process and Transend was adaptable to our needs and able to adjust strategy on the fly. They made the necessary adjustments in scheduling and work hours to help us accomplish the project to the end, without any increase in cost.  I would highly recommend Transend to any organization in need of email migrating services.

Transend assisted us with our migration from GroupWise to Microsoft Office 365. Transend’s staff migrated all of our users’ emails, calendar, and contacts from GroupWise, and even migrated the odd items we needed. They strive to make everything work smoothly!

We are a company with limited IT resources, so we were searching for someone to provide hands-on migration services for us. Transend was outstanding, developing a collaborative plan with us and keeping us in the loop every step of the way from initial testing to mx-cutover. They provisioned the cloud machines needed to process the migration traffic and ran and verified each migration batch, which freed me up to focus on end user support and training, thus ensuring the smoothest possible rollout.

We recently used Transend to migrate a client’s acquisition employees into their Exchange environment. The experience was great and when there was a problem, the support was there. Exactly what we need in a migration tools partner.

I just wanted to send a quick note of WOW!  The Transend tool performed remarkable.  I just completed the last migration of 127 mailboxes from Exchange 2007 to Exchange Online (Office 365) on a single workstation.  I had about a 20% error rate in my first pass all due to user created nonstandard mailbox names, no mailbox on the source side, or bad passwords in my master files – all my fault.  After Transend support helped me resolve those issues, I had only 1 mailbox give me any trouble, but with help from Transend’s crash course in troubleshooting I resolved it without too much headache.  From the time we received our Microsoft 365 E5 licenses and began the provisioning to going with a full migration cutover, it took us about 30 hours – WOW!  From an administrative side I don’t think I could’ve predicted how well this would go while actually accomplishing our crazy goal. Thank You for your hard work and efforts!

I’ve done years of dev work with migration tools and by far this is the best I’ve seen. While the GUI could do with a revamp, the fundamentals of the tool make the migration experience much better than companies like Quest Software. It feels like you’ve got a full-time, locally based development team who knows what they’re doing rather than an outsourced dev team. I am impressed with the product and I don’t believe I’ve ever said anything good about a piece of software. Even the multi threading / concurrent threads is stable. Thanks for all your help!

Just wanted to thank you guys for saving me a whole lot of pain. I needed to migrate a users data from a seriously out of date Kerio mail server to G Suite. Exporting to PST failed repeatedly, Gmail migration failed but Transend sailed through the task. Great tool and will be my go to for any future migrations.

I wanted to thank you for your support and help throughout our 1,000 user Domino to Office 365 migration project. Transend Migrator is a very easy migration tool to use and most importantly gets the job done. I also wanted to let you know how wonderful and amazing your support staff is. Their guidance and continued support was above and beyond – not only providing great customer service, but they provided recommendations on how the tool functions most efficiently, which truly contributed to our success of this huge project.

There is no way we could’ve completed this migration project as successfully without your knowledge, expertise, and patience.  All the best for 2016 and should we hear of any other organizations looking for an email migration tool, I will make sure to recommend Transend.

We used Transend Migrator with great success to convert our old Lotus Notes mailboxes and address books to Microsoft Outlook format. I have found this tool very useful and simple in use. In conclusion Transend Migrator filled its purpose and I can recommend it as very good and easy in use tool for mail conversion. All this applies to conversions from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook as we only tested and used it for this type conversion.

We have used Transend Migrator successfully throughout our Desktop Standardization Project. We are pleased with the performance and functionality of the tool. It has served us well.

I found that Transend Migrator worked very well. We were comparing it to the native Microsoft Exchange Migration wizard and several other products. Transend Migrator was faster and didn’t return any errors on the test accounts. My analysis has shown that your software will speed up the migration process significantly since we are planning on a complete one-step migration rather than have two co-existing mail systems.

Transend Migrator has turned out to be a great relief, as I am relatively new to Lotus Notes, and have had a hard time gettting around the encryption. I have tested and deployed with much success. The Notes archives are ranging from 25Mb to 8Gb. Thanks again for a wonderful solution at an affordable price. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.

Transend Migrator worked like a dream for our GroupWise to Outlook/Exchange migration. It conforms to my view of how good IT tools should be written: small, fast and simple. Should have all the Bradford users converted by early tomorrow, easily giving us time to get a lot more done.

Wow! Transend Migrator moved my 6000+ Lotus Notes emails (300mb) to Outlook in less than 15 minutes! Great Product! Thanks!

We have been using Transend Migrator for the past several months for our Netscape to Outlook/Exchange migration and it has been working great! It has saved us a lot of time and resources.

Transend Migrator is working very well. We have two PCs acting as migration consoles. We created a script which looks for a flag on these PCs and runs Transend Migrator automatically on users who have been moved to XP. So far we’ve done about 1000.

Transend Migrator is the one and only tool we found that is capable of migrating our Netscape mails to Lotus Notes. Your dedicated support staff was tremendously helpful…several issues were addressed, some of which were unique to our environment. My comment to my colleagues about Transend is…’We could not ask anything more out of this phenomenal, user-friendly tool.’

The use of Transend Migrator turned an enormous labor intensive email migration project into a smooth rollout process and allowed us to turn a giant project into a fast cycle effort.

Accenture’s migration went extremely well. It was an incredible pace…we were able to move up to 4,000 users per week.

At P&G, email is critical to our employee’s productivity. Migrating our 130,000+ users across 180 countries globally from Notes to Exchange was an enormous undertaking. With Transend Migrator, we made the transition smoothly with minimal user impact.

Transend Migrator was a life-saver!! It was the only tool we could find to migrate user’s mail, contacts, calendars, etc. from GroupWise to Outlook. It was easy to use.

I handled the migration efforts at The Havi Group and everything went very well. Transend Migrator is a great product. We were able to migrate our users over a weekend. We brought in their address books, email, and calendars very easily.

Transend Migrator worked great. We migrated all users and only had a few small problems that you were able to resolve right away.

We used Transend Migrator to convert email data for 1,500 users from Lotus Notes (versions 6.5.5, 7 and 8) to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook 2007. The migration of mailbox data and archives was extremely fast and easy. A big thank you for a job well done, especially for the exceptional support we received during the testing phase.

I had absolutely no problems with Transend Migrator. It was very easy to migrate mail folders, address books, as well as calendar entries. The tool is quite fast, simple and batch processing is very useful. We converted 5,000 mail archives from Lotus Notes on a dedicated server to Microsoft Exchange without issues.

I was very satisfied with Transend Migrator. It’s an excellent tool and worked to our every expectation. The support I received was way beyond the call of duty…I was very impressed. Thanks for making our migration so much easier!

I have to tell you what a truly great product you have at Transend.

The program is written so well for the end user, I never had to look at the instructions. Since Netscape 7.2 is no longer supported, my wife wanted to convert her old email data to Outlook. After the 1 minute install, I just pointed Transend Migrator to the input and output locations and watched how well written code is supposed to execute “flawlessly, just flawlessly”. Years of her e-mails and her Netscape address book were converted in less than an hour.

Thank you for returning my call in record time on a holiday no less which is unheard of these days, backed up with a personal e-mail too. You should be proud of the wonderful customer experience you have provided, great job.

Transend Migrator performed our GroupWise to Exchange conversion perfectly, without data loss…even with large mailboxes of several hundred megabytes. The end result was that our migration went very smoothly.

The thing that stands out most in my mind about Transend is the service and support. I have 19 years experience as an IT Manager and have experienced a wide variety of technical and customer support offerings. Hands down, the most comprehensive and professional support I have received from ANY company was from Transend!

Each time I called Transend support, I connected with a real live person immediately. And I reached a knowledgeable and professional person who really knew Transend Migrator inside and out. That was such an amazing experience! Transend support is the model by which all other software companies ought to aspire. You guys rock and you showed the big boys how it is done right!

Transend Migrator’s new GUI batch utility is AWESOME!!!

Great customer service sometimes gets overlooked and all you hear about are the bad stories. I just wanted to let you know what great support we’ve been getting. As we started our migration, we ran into a problem with a particular message causing Transend Migrator to stop. The problem was quickly identified and fixed by your engineering team. A quick bit of diagnostic logging was also added that helped us resolve some other issues. Your support team is a credit to your organization.

I just wanted to let you know directly that I have been extremely happy with the amount and level of support Transend has given us in our project to migrate over 7,000 users from GroupWise to Exchange. The responsiveness that you’ve shown to our needs is well above what is normally seen.

Just a note to congratulate you and Transend on the quality and utility of Transend Migrator. Without any hitches, last weekend we migrated all our mail-boxes and address lists from Notes and cut over to Exchange Server 2003 on the Monday morning. An additional benefit was the fact that it processed all mail and attachments through a staging directory on the local disk. Once here they became subject to the scrutiny of our virus protection software: six infected items were diagnosed and cured.

The email conversion from Pegasus to Exchange was smooth and uneventful; the goal of any conversion. Some other aspects of the infrastructure changes were a little rougher so it was comforting to have confidence in the Transend process. Thanks for your help and speedy response when I was testing the product.

Your team has provided an astonishing level of support. I would be proud to work with them and will contact you when we have a need to migrate another client from Groupwise to Exchange.

The product works great! I’m telling everyone I know about it. Working with Lotus Notes has always been a nightmare but with your product, doing the migration was a breeze.

I just wanted to let you know that your support for this product has been outstanding. The software was a life saver, as I was able to import 1200 students, set their passwords and you were able to help me modify over 80 teacher passwords from a csv spread sheet.

A client requested help moving messages from seventeen different email accounts totaling nearly 30GB of data from Apple Mail into Outlook. After searching for a migration tool and finding many inelegant solutions, I found Transend Migrator. This program has been a godsend! It migrated all the mailboxes into Outlook’s .pst format  with little difficulty. When problems did crop up – because of the size of the files being migrated – a call to Transend’s Tech Support quickly resolved the issue. Great product, excellent support! Thank you Transend!

I´d like to thank Transend once again for all the effort put in and the great support you provided. I´ve been in the IT business over 20 years but rarely have come upon vendors who react as swiftly and effectively as you guys did. You can be assured that I will definitely use Transend Migrator for future migration projects and strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to hear. Compliments!

Transend migrator was a great tool for our migration from Groupwise to Kerio Mail. We had just over 1,000 users to migrate. Without this tool we would not have been able to do the migration. The tech support was great and was able to help with the few issues that arose.

It’s been a few months now since we purchased Transend ADministrator, and I couldn’t be happier!  We originally purchased the product to import 1600 new users into a 3600 user environment.  At 1:00pm today management came to me and said “We need 1000 new test accounts for a project; and we need them by 5:00pm”.  Needless to say, I would have been sunk without your program.  I would have to say that this is the best money our company has ever spent.  Thanks again for a wonderful program.

We’ve been using Transend ADministrator for over a year now, and with over 10,000 objects in our Active Directory and over a thousand mailboxes, we couldn’t administer efficiently without Transend ADministrator. It seamlessly ties into our Active Directory giving us an easy to use GUI to work with. Now we don’t have to rely on scripting when managing large numbers of objects. Their technical support is great and there when you need them. Thank you Transend!


Transend is the leading provider of email migration software for all email migration scenarios. Whether you are migrating from Domino to Exchange or Notes to Exchange, Transend can support your email conversion. Transend also supports migrating local data, such as Notes to Outlook or Notes to Office 365. Many customers are migrating email from their old GroupWise platforms, with popular scenarios being GroupWise to Exchange and GroupWise to Office 365. With cloud computing becoming more popular, we’re seeing more common cloud-based email migration scenarios being GroupWise to Office 365, Notes to Office 365 and Domino to Office 365. Google’s messaging platforms are also popular targets, with more customers converting from GroupWise to G Suite, Notes to G Suite and Exchange to G Suite. Transend Migrator is also the leading email converter for file-based email data, supporting popular email conversion scenarios such as OST to PST, NSF to PST and MBOX to PST. For more information, please Contact Us.

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