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Transend Emerges as the Preferred Email Migration Vendor for Educational Organizations

Transend Migrator’s ease of use, flexibility and performance make it an ideal choice for educational institutions migrating from one email platform to another

PALO ALTO, CA – April 2, 2013 – Transend Corporation, a leading provider of email migration and conversion solutions, continues to separate itself from the pack with its ability to efficiently migrate data for its educational customers. Whether it’s performing a migration for U.S. or international universities, or school districts, Transend continues to provide the preferred migration offering among available solutions for educational institutions moving from one email platform to another.

Because educational organizations have different needs than corporate entities, such as locally stored data, more than one source email system, old legacy IMAP compliant source systems, tight budgets and limited IT staffs, Transend has emerged as the leading migration vendor to meet these needs with one consolidated and affordable solution. Transend’s migration offering contains the rare combination of cutting edge technology and top notch technical support, along with Transend’s ability and willingness to customize the tool for special circumstances and unique requirements. This combination of functionality, support and flexibility are the primary reasons why Transend Migrator has been counted on to migrate over 20 million mailboxes worldwide.

Avanade, one of the largest and most respected IT services organizations in the world has leaned on Transend to perform migrations for some of its most prominent customers. “Transend Migrator was an ideal choice to perform an enterprise migration for Cornell University”, said Kim Johnson, Sr. Consultant at Avanade. “The installation and interface were much more intuitive than other tools I’ve evaluated and used in the past, and I was very impressed with the throughput speed, ease of use and overall performance of the tool. We were able to migrate 37,000 mailboxes in 4 weeks. The ability to migrate from/to multiple platforms makes it a great tool for any migration scenario, and it contains several features that my customers required, yet were not available in any other tool that I’ve used or researched. I would highly recommend Transend Migrator to anyone who asked.”

Over the past year, Transend has been counted on to perform migrations for the following educational institutions:

Cornell University 37,000 users SunOne (via IMAP) to Exchange
University of Michigan 1,000 users Cyrus (via IMAP) to Exchange
George Mason University 2,500 users Thunderbird/Netscape to Exchange
Copenhagen University 1,450 users IMAP to Exchange
University of Calgary 4,500 users IMAP to Exchange
Ohio State University 8,000 users Exchange/IMAP (SendMail) to Exchange
University Hospital of Cologne 7,900 users IMAP to Exchange
Butler Community College 1,300 users SunOne (via IMAP) to Exchange
University of Maryland 13,000 users Mirapoint to Exchange
Ohio University 5,450 users IMAP to Exchange
Cardiff University 11,600 users GroupWise/Pegasus to Lotus Notes
Yeshiva University 3,500 users IMAP to Exchange
Hunter College 4,200 users Mirapoint to Exchange
Northwestern University 10,000 users Unix/Mac Mail/Thunderbird/Entourage to Exchange
Weizmann Institute of Science 4,000 users SunOne/GroupWise to Exchange
Cal St. Univ. Long Beach 4,500 users Communigate Pro (via IMAP) to Exchange
University of Illinois 15,000 users Mirapoint to Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365
Spartanburg School District 1,370 users GroupWise to Exchange
University of Saskatchewan 75,000 users SunOne (via IMAP) to Exchange
Florida State University 12,000 users SunOne (via IMAP) to Exchange
Seneca College 7,500 users SunOne/JES (via IMAP) to Exchange
University of Manitoba 5,000 users GroupWise to Exchange
Richland School District 6,000 users GroupWise to Exchange
SUNY-College at Brockport 2,320 users Mirapoint to Exchange


Transend has also performed hundreds of smaller migrations for additional educational institutions. For a complete listing of all the educational organizations that have performed enterprise migrations, please view Transend’s customer list.

Because many educational organizations have different needs than corporate entities, they require a migration solution that is flexible, battle tested and easy to work with. Some of the reasons why Transend has emerged as the preferred migration vendor for educational institutions include:

Select data may be stored locally — Requiring end-users to self-migrate

Some universities and school districts have less control than corporate entities over how their students and employees use and store email, and thus are forced to rely on their users to self-migrate at least a portion of their email data. While Transend Migrator contains a powerful batch processor that is ideal for performing a bulk migration from a central location, it also has been used in scenarios where IT departments deploy the tool to end-users to self-migrate.  In these cases, Transend is able and willing to customize the tool for simplicity purposes, and can hard code pre-determined custom options that are required, as well as pre-configure the tool to make it easier for a non-technical user to operate. Transend will also provide each end-user with detailed instructions and/or tutorial videos that provide step-by-step instruction detailing how to perform the migration from beginning to end.

Variety of source systems — Requires support of different data formats

Many universities and school districts are running old legacy email systems that are not commonplace. While most migration vendors support migrating data between Microsoft Exchange environments or from Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise, not all vendors support all the different IMAP compliant systems, and if they do, it’s usually in a very basic capacity with limited functionality. This is where Transend significantly distinguishes itself. Transend Migrator incorporates the latest technology which allows it to support a wider variety of messaging systems than any other utility on the market. Because one utility is able to perform any migration scenario, there is no learning curve associated with migrating different source systems, nor are there any additional costs associated with the need to purchase a different tool for a different source system. Regardless of the source or target system, Transend Migrator will efficiently migrate any data type, without compromising the data fidelity in any way.

Old legacy IMAP compliant source systems — Require custom options/customization

Many of the older legacy messaging systems contain properties that don’t match up with the more popular systems that are usually chosen as target platforms (Exchange, Office 365, Notes, Google Apps/Gmail). With less sophisticated migration solutions this significantly impacts the maintenance of data fidelity in the target system. Because Transend Migrator has been used to migrate over 20 million mailboxes worldwide from a variety of source systems, it incorporates years of customer feedback from real production migrations. To satisfy the needs of certain atypical migration scenarios,  hundreds of custom options are available through simple checkboxes that alter the tool’s default behavior. With the appropriate custom options enabled, Transend Migrator maintains complete data integrity of all data types, regardless of the source or target system.

In cases where additional customization of the tool is required, Transend is available to work with customers to meet these specific needs. Transend’s standard support package provides customers with access to the Transend development team, and Transend has a long history of providing customers with custom patches that provide additionally functionality beyond what is available out-of-the-box.

Tight budgets — Require an affordable solution from a flexible vendor

Many universities and school districts operate under the constraint of tight budgets, and are simply looking to get the best value for their dollar. Because of this, migration is often deemed a lower priority than other projects and/or is put on hold until more money becomes available.

Transend Migrator is priced at a very attractive point relative to the competition. It’s considerably less expensive than its largest competitors, yet still contains a richer feature set and superior overall functionality to any product available. Transend’s product pricing reflects lower promotional and marketing expenses than its competitors devote to those areas, and instead, these resources are targeted to areas that directly impact the user experience, such as product development and technical support.

Limited internal IT staff — Increases the need to rely on vendor support

Many educational organizations have a limited IT staff or one that lacks the requisite availability to perform a migration from beginning to end. In these cases, the level of support offered by the migration vendor is critical. For customers who require technical assistance, without the added “professional services” costs that many other migration vendors aggressively push, Transend has proven to stand out among its competitors. Transend makes it a priority to provide assistance with planning, configuration and execution, while also supporting the customer with all troubleshooting as necessary. To ensure the migration is executed as efficiently as possible, a dedicated support engineer assigned to every project is available to provide assistance with all issues from beginning to end.

Transend’s standard support package includes the following:

  • “Getting Started” Professional Services – For license packs of 100 or more, Transend’s Professional Services team will provide remote services to ensure the migration is configured as efficiently as possible.

-Analysis of customer’s environment

-Early Migration Assessment

-Remote Training (if necessary)

-Configuration Services

-Suggestions related to preparation of Source and Target environments

  • Unlimited telephone and email support regarding installation, setup issues, and product usage issues, including any bug fixes and patches specific to customer’s migration needs.
  • Custom builds and instructional materials/videos for select migrations where Transend Migrator will be deployed to each end-user to self-migrate.
  • Priority access to support engineers.
  • Indirect access to Transend’s development team.
  • Post-Migration Quality Assurance: Transend engineers will conduct a postmortem consultation with the customer to ensure all migration needs were met (at the customer’s request)
  • Maximum response time of 24 hours Monday through Friday (except U.S. holidays).
  • Free product updates for one year from purchase date.

Free trial and purchase versions are available directly from Transend (24×7). More information is available at For pricing or to talk to a sales representative, contact Transend at or call 650-324-5370.



Transend Corporation is a leading provider of email migration solutions with over 25 years of experience developing and marketing email products worldwide. Transend’s email migration solutions have been used by many Fortune 500 and smaller companies, as well as government entities around the world to migrate well over 20 million mailboxes. Transend products are sold across all continents directly and through a variety of VARs and IT services organizations. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., with development and operational personnel in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR and New Zealand. For more information, please visit the company’s web site at or call 650-324-5370.


Transend is the leading provider of email migration software for all email migration scenarios. Whether you are migrating from Domino to Exchange or Notes to Exchange, Transend can support your email conversion. Transend also supports migrating local data, such as Notes to Outlook or Notes to Office 365. Many customers are migrating email from their old GroupWise platforms, with popular scenarios being GroupWise to Exchange and GroupWise to Office 365. With cloud computing becoming more popular, we’re seeing more common cloud-based email migration scenarios being GroupWise to Office 365, Notes to Office 365 and Domino to Office 365. Google’s messaging platforms are also popular targets, with more customers converting from GroupWise to G Suite, Notes to G Suite and Exchange to G Suite. Transend Migrator is also the leading email converter for file-based email data, supporting popular email conversion scenarios such as OST to PST, NSF to PST and MBOX to PST. For more information, please Contact Us.

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